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jessica, jenna and jodi, three brunette sisters

We are three sisters. We have an eternal sisterly bond. We have a wardrobe multiplied by three. We are Italian and use our hands when we talk. We argue like sisters. We are honest with one another. We are supportive of one another. We look alike. We have three, very different personalities. We laugh together. We cry together. We love our family. We are best friends. We wouldn’t be the people we are today without each other.

It’s our passion for all things beautiful (tutto bella) that we created this blog. We love weddings and believe true love lasts a lifetime. We believe fine stationery sets the tone for a party. We love catching up on the latest trends in fashion, colors and decor, while remaining true to the classics. We love babies. We love good photos, cocktails and a memorable party. And we believe the details, even the smallest detail, can make all the difference.

We are thrilled to work on this blog together and create daily inspiration for you. From recipes to fashion, party and wedding eye-candy, fabulous finds and home, decor and craft projects – we hope to become a go-to place for you and your friends.

with love,
jessica, jenna and jodi

jessica, the oldest sister
I’m a stay-at-home mom of three kids with no spare time on my
hands…that loves to plan a good party. I obsess over every party
detail and love it even more when it’s a do-it-yourself (diy) detail.
My background is in public relations, but after planning  my own
wedding in 2007, I found my passion for all things weddings, parties
and fabulous finds. My mind is always in the ‘creative mode’ for a new
and insanely adorable party theme or detail. I’m in love with my sweet
and supportive hubby (my high school sweetheart), my family and
friends that enrich my life and my 3 children who I adore and have shown
me how much my heart can love. I am blessed in more ways I could have
ever imagined.

The other little things in my life that make me smile include…the beautiful country of Italy. A good glass of red vino.  A good book about nutrition. Being with my children all day and watching them interact and discover new things. Shopping and more shopping. Catching up on the latest Hollywood gossip and fashion. Watching Oprah on my TiVo. Chocolate cake, or let’s be honest, anything made with chocolate. Details, details, details. And of course, a fabulous party.

jenna, the middle sister
I love all things artistic and old-fashioned. I am an “old soul”, who appreciates family heir looms and vintage style. My favorite movies are all in black and white because I believe that the classics never go out of style. I love fashion and often find myself sketching drawings out of Vogue and W magazines. As a true accessory girl, fabulous shoes and purses define me! I stick to the motto of quality, not quantity – and am very much known as an “A personality” perfectionist. I believe that beauty is in the details. I love reading books and writing, even though I depend on my touch phone to stay in the loop. I was fortunate to study Art History in Florence, Italy– the greatest city in the world – a place that taught me about myself and taught me to always follow my passions in life. I believe in three ingredients vital in getting through the day – coffee, chocolate and wine … and three ingredients to a full, happy life – family, friends, and faith. I am an independent, career woman and own my own business – a small boutique for custom invitations, gifts, and of course … accessories! I enjoy life with my handsome, wonderful husband, and 3 amazing boys, along with my sweet golden retriever Lucia Florence.

jodi, the youngest sister
I am the youngest of the three girls. I have an outgoing, energetic and fun personality. I enjoy being around people and I embrace my role as the comic relief in our family. I consider myself easy-going, but I’m not afraid to say what’s on my mind. My greatest strength is my communication skills – I love to talk! As a former Division 1 collegiate tennis player, I am extremely competitive and I enjoy being active. I love trying new things to get into shape; my latest is yoga – Namaste 🙂 I am a country girl at heart and will listen to Keith Urban anytime, anywhere. I love to sing in the car to calm my frustration caused by bad drivers. My background is in Communication and Media Studies. I’m definitely a talker {just ask my hubby!}. I survived a divorce from hell, and I am a single mother to 2 wonderful children. I’m addicted to wedding blogs, sites, dresses and fun décor ideas. Instagram and SnapChat browsing is daily habit – I love catching up with people, browsing profiles, and most of all, checking out all the posted pictures. Being Sicilian and having studied in Florence, I have a weakness for anything Italian – vino, pasta, cappuccino, gelato – you name it. I love it all!My guilty pleasures are Say Yes to the Dress, E! News, The Real Housewives, Sex and the City and Revenge.


  1. Jodi,

    Great meeting you at Viva Streets today. Like the look of your blog. Seems like we have a few things in common! I married my high school sweetheart in the fall too. It’s just that it was about 9 years ago! And I am definitely a gossip news junky. I’ll be following your blog. Don’t forget the one I mentioned–Young House Love. It’s great! Trish

  2. jodi says

    It was great meeting you too, Trish! I checked your blog out and it is way too cute! Thanks for the info on the one you mentioned – I love it! I will definitely be following your blog and updates! Cheers, Jodi

  3. I just stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I’m a big fan of all things pretty, creative, and fun, so I will continue to check in regularly and see what you’re posting.

    Also, the pictures of Jodi’s Bachelorette Party were amazing, it looked so well decorated and like a lot of fun! I will definitely keep “Real Housewives” in mind as a fun party theme. Congratulations on your wedding, I’m sure it was lovely and I look forward to seeing pictures.

    I just started a blog about Brazilian women, who in my experience are much like Italian women (my dad’s family is 100% Italian but has been in Brazil for a few generations) in that everything about them is always chic and fabulous.

    Thanks again for doing such a great job putting your blog together, it’s really fun to read!

    • jessica says

      oh my goodness, thanks for much for your sweet words and introducing yourself to us! We love to hear from people, and how cool that your reading it all the way in Brazil. We appreciate it. Love your site too. Brazilian women are beautiful. We will check back in with you and if you have any fabulous beauty secrets from our readers, please share! Talk soon.

  4. Fern says

    Hello Ladies: My son is getting married and I just saw this wonderful puzzle board idea; where can I get one made for their guest book?

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