DIY Marble and Copper Tray Hack


We love, love, love to shop West Elm. But, we often love a good home decor hack even more. Our DIY side is totally satisfied when we successfully pull off a home décor hack that looks almost identical to the real thing sold in stores, at a fraction of the price.

One can never have enough trays, especially pretty ones like the Copper and Marble serving board at West Elm. So, one must make this DIY version of the Copper and Marble tray and West Elm hack. It’s so simple, and stunning.



  • Copper Coil, 1/4 inch, Home Depot
  • Marble Tile, Home Depot
  • Super glue or Epoxy glue, Home Depot
  • Pliers and wire cutter, Home Depot



Step 1: Cut the wire to approximately 8 inches long for the handles. Adjust the size according to your preference. Round the copper coil to the shape of a handle – it’s easy to bend and can be done with your hands.


Step 2: Insert the ends of the copper into the pliers and press firmly. This will flatten the round shape of the copper coil.



Step 3: Add glue to the ends of the copper coil and press it into the back of the marble tile. The flat sides of the copper should not show on the top side of the tray because it should be glued directly to the back of the tile.


Important note: if you use super glue, be extremely careful when pressing the copper ends down because your finger will get glued to the copper almost immediately. Wear gloves and/or be aware of the glue.


After holding the handles in place for several minutes, I got wise, and flipped the tray over, and placed heavy books on the tile where the copper was glued.


Step 4: Let it dry overnight.

This tray can be used as a cheese appetizer tray because it’s food safe, but we prefer it on a shelf with pretty jewelry, a bud vase or perfume.





If your eyes go straight to the Bourbon and Bowties bracelet, we’re a lot alike, because we love them! Buy one at Nordstrom {and while you’re there, shop the sale} – your arm will thank you.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites Under $100

It’s here, it’s here, it’s really here! One of our favorite sales of the year is the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. We LOVE a good sale, and although Nordstrom is our favorite store, it’s hard to find a good sale throughout the year. Well, now is the time to shop ladies if you like the good stuff…on sale!

It’s early access, so those who have a credit card can shop and get the early access to all the good stuff before everyone else. We have early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Do you? If not, learn how to become a card member here.

Our Nordstrom Anniversary favorites are below…and the best part is everything is under $100.

Note: Prices on the images reflect the non-sale prices. The actual Anniversary Sale prices are listed below.

Seychelles ‘Bait’ Block Heel: $139.95 on sale for $89.90
BP Plaid Square scarf: $29.00 on sale for $18.90
Colorblock Shift Dress
: $115.00 on sale for $75.90
BLANKNYC Faux Leather Jacket: $98.00 on sale for $64.90
Regular Rise Hanky Panky Thong: $23.00 on sale for $14.90
Socialite Roll-Up Sleeve Romper: $48.00 on sale for $31.90
Madewell Fleet Jacket: $118 on sale for $78.90
Kate Spade Mini Studs: $32.00 on sale for $20.90
Topshop Foil Brushed Sweater: $60.00 on sale for $39.90
Alo Capris: $88.00 on sale for $57.90
Baublebar Elsa Collar Necklace: $58.00 on sale for $37.90
Rails Plaid Shirt: $148 on sale for $98
Alex and Ani Bracelets: $88 on sale for $49.90
Cupcakes and Cashmere Vevina Plaid Shirtdress: $115 on sale for $76.90
Joe’s Honey Curvy Skinny Jeans: $189 on sale for $99.90
Hinge Villa Bootie: $119 on sale for $79.90
Bourbon and Bowties Champagne Stone Bracelets: $99 on sale for $65.90
Zella Fresh Tech Tee: $58 to $37.90
Ted Baker London Crystal Bobble Wallet: $150 on sale for $94.90
Pj Salvage Print Pajamas: $48 on sale for $31.90
Chelsea28 Victoriana Detail Tank: $65 on sale for $45.90
Thirstystone Marble and Wood Serving Board: $37.90 to $22.90
American Atelier Lustre 5-piece Decanter Set: $60 on sale for $39.90
Zella Leggings: $52 on sale for $33.90
Vans Classic Slip On: $64.95 on sale for $42.90


50 Patriotic Must-Haves Under 50 Dollars

There are 50 states, so naturally we had to find 50 red, white and blue must-haves as we celebrate America on the fourth of July. Wait, it gets better. All of them are under $50. 50 for 50 under 50. We love America, don’t you?

  1. Star and Stripes Sandals
  2. Stars and Stripes Jean Shorts
  3. Stars and stripes American Tee
  4. Chuck Converse Shoe
  5. Scarf 
  6. Star Studs
  7. Stars and Stripes Socks
  8. Tunic
  9. Chambray Shirt Dress
  10. Red Toms Shoes
  11. Red Lipstick 
  12. Floppy Straw Hat
  13. Straw Tote with Tassels
  14. Bourbon and Bowtie White Stone Bangle
  15. Moon and Lola Script Pendant
  16. Raglan Shirt
  17. Off Shoulder Top
  18. USA Tee
  19. American Flag Turban
  20. Sunglasses
  21. American Flag Leggings
  22. American Flag Cap
  23. Star Print Shorts and Pajamas
  1. Red and White Turkish Towel
  2. America Cheese Board
  3. Paper Napkins
  4. American Flag Tapestry
  5. Monogram Koozie
  6. Coasters
  7. Swell Water Bottle
  8. Red Star Dinner Plate
  9. Red Wooden Cutlery
  10. Radioflyer Wagon
  11. Sunscreen
  12. Red Cooler
  13. Swan Drink Holder
  14. Bamboo Tray
  15. Blue Sunnylife Radio
  16. Red, White and Blue Hanging Planter
  17. Bocce set
  18. Enamel Mug
  19. Ping Pong Set
  20. Monogrammed Mason Jar with Straw
  21. Celestial Coaster Set
  22. Red White and Blue Striped Box
  23. Picnic Blanket
  24. Merican Dream Doormat
  25. Cobalt Blue Vase 
  26. Giant Ice Pop Floatie
  27. American Flag Pillow

DIY Dream Sign



We watch the craft and food videos on Facebook with amazement and watering mouths. Video’s are on our ultimate to-do list. Darby Smart must have read our minds, because we recently worked with them on one of their To DIY for Boxes, and their genius video editors put together an awesome video from our clips. Jessica’s hands are famous – it’s a good thing she actually painted her nails.

Our head is in the clouds dreaming big most of the day, so we wanted to represent all our big dreams with a DIY Dreaming in the Clouds sign.
Please take a moment to watch our Darby Smart video, add it to your faves, and then check out our other projects, too. It’s 30 seconds of dreamy, goodness.
You Mustn’t Be Afraid to Dream a Little Bigger, Darling. 



DIY Red, White and Blue Ice Bucket


It’s about that time when red, white and blue are just about the only colors on our minds. Yes, one of our favorite holidays, July 4th, is coming up, and this year we’re adding a DIY fruit ice bucket to our party to do’s.

A DIY patriotic ice bucket is the perfect July 4th accessory, and it’s so easy and cheap to do. Guests will love the extra touch of red, white and blue, and they will enjoy their chilled beverage.




  • water
  • large bucket, we used a plastic one from Party City
  • small buckets {small enough to fit inside large bucket and large enough to fit a wine bottle or beer can}
  • blueberries, fresh or frozen, at least 2 cups
  • strawberries, fresh or frozen, sliced, 2-3 cups
  • weight, such as a rock
  • wine or beer


Fill about 1/3 of the large bucket full of water, then drop in all the strawberries. Freeze for at least 5-8 hours.


Place 2 small buckets on top of first layer of ice, add weight inside {we used a rock}, and fill another 1/3 of the bucket with water. Do not get water inside the small bucket because it will be more difficult to remove the buckets from the ice. Freeze for about 5-8 hours.


For the final layer, fill the remaining 1/3 of the container fill of water, and then drop in blueberries. Freeze for 8 hours.


Remove from the freezer. Pour boiling water inside the small buckets and gently twist to remove from the ice. Additionally, run the outside of the large bucket with  hot water from the sink faucet. After about 15 seconds on each side, the ice cooler will be easily removed, and the layers should look like this.


Carefully flip the ice cooler out from the bucket with your hands and set on a tray. Fill the holes with wine or beer. We couldn’t decide because beer, well, it’s all-American and those Budweiser cans are so patriotic and awesome. But, the vino lovers that we are couldn’t resist the taste and look of the red and blue Relax Wine bottles of wine.








Important Note: We took photos of this DIY ice bucket with wine we had in the liquor cabinet, and after review of photos, while the wine was good, for the ultimate patriotic post, the wine bottle {and beer} needed to be more festive in color. Enter, Relax Wines and Budweiser beer! However, the ice bucket had to be re-frozen during a several hour photo shoot intermission, and a thin ‘film’ of ice formed over every layer, so the color of the DIY ice bucket was dulled, and the lines of the red, white and blue blurred. You win some, you lose some. Either way, we love our bucket, but honestly, it will be more vibrant than our photos if you have the right alcohol the first time around.