DIY Let Love Grow Plant


Dolly Parton said it best, Let Love Grow.

When we really look around, in spite of the horrific hatred we see daily on the news, we find that love still exists. In fact, love is all around. But, sometimes we need a little reminder. To us, the heart shape, whether big or small, signifies love. Inside of us, it represents this beautiful life with every heart-pumping beat; but outside of us, the shape represents love, goodness and kindness. When we open our eyes, minds and hearts, we find that not only is love everywhere, but hearts are, too. And, with every heart we spy with our eyes, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the love in our lives, and how we can share it with others.

Last week, we saw a heart designed on the top of our latte. Everyday, as our children learn to draw hearts, we pause to think about the love and joy that lives in their hearts {and the role we play in shaping what love looks like in their world}. Every time we send and receive a handwritten note from a loved one, it’s signed with a heart. And, just the other day, one of our kids saw a heart-shaped cloud in the sky.

Recently, we used our green thumbs to create a green heart to remind us to let love grow. The plant can be transplanted outdoors if it outgrows the container, and good news – it’s a perennial – so it will come back year after year.



  • Plastic Pot Saucer, Home Depot
  • Sedum Tile Ground Cover
  • Scissors, sharp {garden scissors}
  • Potting Soil
  • Chalkboard sign, small stick and pen


Drill several holes into the plastic saucer. We drilled one in the center and four evenly spaced around the saucer.



Fill the planter 1/2-3/4 full with dirt.


Remove the entire square tile of Sedum from the container and flip it over. Use chalk to draw your design, or eye-ball it. We chose a heart, and without lines to follow, we began to cut.



Place the heart in the center of the saucer with dirt, and then fill in all the surrounding space with dirt.


Make a sign – Let Love Grow or Love Lives Here – and insert it in the dirt.






DIY Hourglass Rope Planter


We’re obsessed with modern hourglass accent side tables. We stumbled across the photo below in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine {or something similar}, and snapped a photo for future inspiration. Until we can find a way to make a DIY, chic hourglass side table, we settled for a DIY hourglass rope planter. Our thumb was sore from pressing the glue gun, but that was the only tiny hard thing about this whole project.




  • 2 Terra cotta pots, one larger and the other smaller, The Home Depot
  • White spray paint
  • Rope, 3/8 inch Sisal Rope {we used 1.5 rolls from Home Depot}
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Gorilla Super Glue
  • Paint brush
  • White acrylic paint
  • Succulents or plants, The Home Depot


Step 1: Spray paint the terra cotta pots white. One coat will work just fine. It doesn’t need to be perfect – it’s just to keep the background neutral in case there is a tiny opening through the rope.



Step 2: Flip the large terra cotta pot upside down and dab super glue around the base. Place the smaller terra cotta pot on top in the center {the holes should be lined up} and press down firmly.





Step 3: Once dry, it’s time to cover it with rope. Start at the bottom by placing a strip of hot glue along the bottom edge, and press the rope onto the glue. Continue to wrap the rope around the pot row after row until the entire pot is covered.






Step 4: Paint stripes on the planter. We didn’t use painter’s tape – we just eye-balled it.


Step 5: Plant succulents, or the plant of your choice, in the top part of the planter.




10 Graphic Tees for Summer

We’re going BOLDLY where no J. Sorelle lady has gone before…wearing graphic tees! We’re going to proudly wear our words on our chest this summer. Here’s some of our faves.

{always feeling the good vibes} Good Vibes T-Shirt, Urban Outfitters | {great song} Easy Like Sunday Morning, Nordstrom | {yep, that sounds about right} More Issues Than Vogue, OpenSky | {proud to be an American} National Leisure Top, ModCloth | {Matthew McConaughey, this one’s for you} Alright, Alright, Alright, Urban Outfitters | {once a whiskey girl. always a whiskey girl} Whiskey is Always, Urban Outfitters | {hell, yeah} Fun Brunette, Zappos | {amen, sista} Broke Up with Gym, Express | {we all have our moments} The Hottest Mess, Asos | {let’s get our zen on} Namaste Y’all, Urban Outfitters

DIY Sunglasses Picture Frame


We have one cool Dad. He’s more than that – he’s honorable, loving, admirable and extraordinary. We have been so incredibly blessed. Tommy and Will are amazing father’s, too, that astound us everyday with their love and dedication. On Father’s Day, as we celebrate the men who rise up to the occasion to be not only a good father’s, but also good men, we have a DIY in mind for their all around cool vibes and picture perfect memories.

DIY Sunglasses Picture Frame


  • Sunglasses {a pair from Target’s Dollar section would work great}
  • Photos
  • Scissors
  • Pen


Punch out the glasses from the frame.


Trace the frame on the photo.


Cut out the photo.


Insert the photo in the sunglasses frame, and the image should fit right where the glass was {in between the ridges}.


Place on Dad’s favorite shelf or bring them to his office for an extra cool accessory.



DIY Travel Mug for Your Favorite Teacher


We run out the door every morning with a coffee in hand, so a good travel mug is a worthy investment. Teachers who choose to nurture, teach and discipline our children on a daily basis also deserve a good travel mug. Whether its tea or coffee, we want to make sure our teachers are fueled throughout the day with a memorable mug in hand. In the summer, when they are not in the classroom, they will be reminded of the difference they made in our children’s lives.

Instead of, “You taught me a lot,” we played with fun coffee lingo and turned it into, “You taught me a latte.”



Design and print your words on Silhouette software and print according to package instructions.


Place painter’s tape over the design, and pull it up. The words should now be on the tape.


Press the tape {with the words} onto the mug and use a straight-edge to smooth out any bubbles.


Remove the tape, strip by strip, to reveal your design.


Insert a gift card to Starbucks or a local coffee shop and voila.



Thanks to Silhouette America for providing the vinyl for this DIY project. We would love them even if they didn’t. Thank you for supporting the companies that support us.