Green Wedding Inspiration

It seems fitting to look at photos with a splash of green with St. Patrick’s Day approaching. And, it doesn’t hurt that this wedding has a handsome groom and stunning bride, too.

Jenna had the honor to work with this couple, and their wonderful families on their wedding invitations. They created a gorgeous large, black linen custom-made square pocket, with the invitation on shimmery white stock attached with a custom flourish design in black and bright green, and the details cards inserted into the pocket on the back side of the invitation. The invitation style was in line with the tone for the wedding day: unique, exciting, and contemporary but with an underlying elegance and tradition.

Here is the love story in the words of the bride:

Our love story begins about 6 years ago. It began at a Chili’s restaurant where John and my older brother bartended, which I would frequent to try and get his attention. After 3 years of being friends … when the time was right we began to officially date. We would go on motorcycle rides, go up to Aspen to our family cabin, and spent countless nights with friends around the fire-pit. We shared so many laughs and memories over that next year that we will never forget. I kept hinting that a ring would be nice sometime soon and his response every time was “it will come soon.” I waited and waited, waiting impatiently for that magical day where he would propose. On a freezing cold February day, he suggested that we take a motorcycle ride up to Red Rocks. I was hesitate at first because who goes on a motorcycle when it is freezing outside, but it was something that we both loved to do so I got all layered up. When we got to one of the parking lots he said he had to go to the restroom and would be right back. Instead of waiting for him in the parking lot I decided to walk up to one of the scenic overlooks, where he came up to meet me. As I turned around from looking at beautiful downtown Denver, he was down on one knee with the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen. He was nervous but the words “will you marry me?” came out and the tears started flowing. I couldn’t say ‘YES!” fast enough. He hands were shaky but he put the ring on my finger we shared the best hug and kiss. We were both freezing but all that went away because excitement was the only feeling we had.

Over the next year we planned a wedding that we thought would be absolutely perfect. The theme of our wedding was classic and traditional with a pop of bright green and a day where we could share our love with all our friends and family. On June 7, 2014 the two of us became one in front of 240 of our closest family and friends, it was perfect!

gorgeous bride

wedding gown back

wedding gown hanger

bride and mother

monogram on flowers

wedding dress detail


hansome groom

custom wedding invitation

custom wedding invitation pocket

happy couple

walking down the aisle

wedding rings

table seating poster


table names

wedding bouquet

happy couple

married couple dancing

married couple


Wedding Gown: Felice Bridal
Invitations, Reception Paper Ware: FLEUR DE LIS, custom paperie
Hair & Make Up: Chelsea Garcia

St. Patrick’s Day in a Box

mini cheesecakes-baileys irish cream-gluten free-whipping cream-rainbow

One of our favorites from Alt was Gilit Cooper, lead boss babe at Shoes Off Please and owner of The Bannerie. She recently hosted a Wayfair Homemakers Housewarming Party. Among the many fabulous ideas, our GF mini cheesecakes with Bailey’s Irish Cream made the roundup. Get your lucky on and see all the colorful ideas. If a cookie topped with a rainbow of fruit meets your fancy, you’ll love this.

In other St. Patrick’s Day news, we made a St. Patrick’s Day in a Box. I know, it’s semi-lame with no Guinness, Jameson or car bombs, but our husbands will take care of all that for us. We will enjoy our evening wearing tall rainbow socks, sipping on Bailey’s Irish Cream with a green and white striped straw, of course, and a DIY Slainte {an Irish Gaelic word often said during a toast, which translates as ‘good health’} in the background.


For the banner, all you need is felt, Elmer’s Craft Glue or Beacon Felt Glue, a clover to trace, pom poms, a wood dowel rod and yarn. Cut, glue and hang.

st patricks day-sign-green-polka for-clover-diy-felt-banner-rainbow-socks-baileys irish cream

{images via j. sorelle}

DIY Dr. Seuss Easter Eggs

dr seuss-easter-eggs-thing1-thing2-stripes

One Egg
Two Eggs
Red Egg
Striped Egg

We know it’s not even St. Patrick’s Day yet, so we are trying to not get too ahead of ourselves, but we just can’t contain our excitement with these Dr. Seuss eggs. Plus, it’s totally fitting to end the week of Dr. Seuss’ birthday with DIY Dr. Seuss easter eggs, right?

We chose some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books as inspiration, including Green Eggs and Ham, Oh, the Places You’ll Go and The Cat in the Hat. 

drseuss-easter-egg-oh the places you'll go-stripes-diy-red

dr seuss-easter-eggs-red-blue-thing1-thing2-stripes

You’ll Need

  • Eggs {you can use real, hard-boiled eggs, or if you want them to last forever, buy paper mache eggs}
  • Blue yarn
  • Red and green Acrylic Craft paint
  • Black thin Sharpie and red Sharpie marker

The Cat in the Hat Easter Eggs:

  • Paint red stripes on the ‘hat’ Easter egg.
  • For the Thing 1 and Thing 2 Easter eggs, we used a round circle sticker and traced it with a black thin Sharpie marker.
  • Remove the sticker, then write Egg 1 and Egg 2 inside the round circle in each egg.
  • Paint around the circle with red paint.
  • Create blue DIY pom poms and use a hot glue gun to glue it to the top of the eggs.

dr seuss-eggs-easter-thing1-thing2-red-pompom


Green Eggs and Ham Easter Eggs:

  • Place and then trace a round sticker on the egg with a pencil.
  • Paint the inside of the circle green.
  • Use a black Sharpie to draw a fried egg outline around the green circle.

easter-eggs-diy-green eggs and ham-drseuss

Oh, the Places You’ll Go Easter Eggs:

  • Use a red Sharpie to write the words Oh, the Places You’ll Go on the egg.
  • Trace the red letters with a thin black Sharpie.

oh the places you'll go-drseuss-easter-eggs-diy-kid


Have fun rhyming, reading, painting and creating. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss.

{images via j. sorelle}

DIY Dum-Dum Pop Balloons


Somewhere over the rainbow, Dum-Dum Pops are floating away. Catch the yummy balloons before they get too high, so you can savor all the flavor. And, do it before St. Patrick’s Day…or your next rainbow party!


Step 1: Remove wrappers from most of the 300 ct. Spangler Dum-Dum Pops bag.

Step 2: Bundle the colors of the rainbow together, cover with a tiny cellophane bag, and then wrap the ‘balloons’ with a pipe cleaner.


Step 3: Print, cut and glue the free printable via Simple as That to the pipe cleaner.



{images via j. sorelle}

Bohemian Glam Birthday Party


After looking at these photos of Mila’s first birthday party that Jessica shared with Momtastic, we decided 1-year-olds can have just as chic and as fabulous a birthday party as adults. Mila is one lucky little lady because her mom, Naysha Lopez, planned one dreamy bohemian glam first birthday party for her special day. It’s worth viewing all the photos.

We don’t know about you, but we want that silver pouf, dream catcher and teepee to be at our next birthday parties too…and we won’t be turning one. Special memories for a beautiful family! Happy Birthday Mila.


{photos via Corinna Hoffman Photography}