Spread Hope & Cheer With A DIY Cloud and Rainbow Card

DIY paper and yarn card and rainbow wall decor

We worked with ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers this month to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. To mark the #50yearsbright milestone, Astrobrights Instagram feed is featuring a different color from their rainbow assortment of paper every day to celebrate 50 years. We are so thrilled to be a part of the paper party! Our color is Stardust White™, which was the perfect color for our magical clouds cards, packed with a rainbow punch.

We created a DIY paper cloud card with an inspirational quote (link to the free printable is below), and a rainbow of yarn hanging from it. It’s such a fantastic craft for people of all ages, and a thoughtful card that can be sent to friends and family who are going through a tough time, and need a bit of cheer and hope in their day. It’s like sending sunshine in the mail! Plus, once it serves its purpose of a card, you can hang it on a bedroom or office wall for a colorful and uplifting piece of home decor.

THE FREE PRINTABLE IS AVAILABLE HERE (the full card version) and HERE (if you want to fold the paper to make a card, and not have cloud lines on the second page of the card). They are almost the same – just a cutting preference.

Visit the Astrobrights Instagram feed to see all the amazing projects being featured, and also our IG to learn about how we made the card, and details on how enter in the Astrobrights 50th Anniversary contest to win a $500 American Express card. Hurry, the contest ends June 19, 2019.

DIY rainbow card of cheer

Family Vacation: Road Trip to Palm Springs

palm springs retro pennant

I have always wanted to visit Palm Springs. The stunning mountain backdrop, mid-century and modern architecture, cacti and palm tree landscape and sunny and warm weather are just a few of the reasons it’s always been on my list of places to visit.

Thanks to Alt Summit, and my amazing husband who agreed to road trip with the kids and I (even with with his bad back), we made a road trip to Palm Springs happen. It was the first official road trip for our family. I can honestly tell you, I can’t wait to do it again! My anxiety was so low without having to travel by air. Thanks to snacks, good music, wifi in my husbands new GMC truck and ipads, the kids were almost silent (and 99.9% happy) in the back. Now, I know why it’s not only good to limit ipad time for their brains and development, but on road trips the ipad time feels extra special!

road trip essentials

road trip to california

We swore we would never be those parents that brought our kids to Vegas, but guess what? We were most definitely those parents. Tommy loves to play poker, and it’s been forever since I’ve visited Sin City, so it was a good stop from Colorado to Palm Springs. Our sheltered “mountain children” were in a bit of shell shock in Vegas, but it opened their eyes to all those lights, people and big city vibes. Luckily, we stayed at the beautiful Venetian. I wouldn’t stay anywhere else next time! The rooms are all suites (including the new Palazzo tower), so we all slept in one room, and everyone had a bed. The kids had Star Wars virtual reality experience at the Venetian that they loved (we highly recommend). The Bellagio fountains, and flower display never disappoints either.

kids in vegas-venetian hotel

venetian hotel

want the world venetian hotel las vegas bellagio fountains

venetian hotel

It was really fun to see the changing landscape from state to state. The dry, mountainous landscape of Colorado gave way to the stunning peaks and red-soil flat tops in Utah. And, then the green plants and baby cacti started popping up as we got closer to California.

We did not plan any pit stops other than for gas and food, but thanks to IG and other fabulous bloggers, I made a request to stop at Seven Magic Mountains, just outside of Vegas. I heard some moans and groans from the kids, but it was a great place to stop and stretch our legs, and look at a colorful pop of color in the desert. It only added 10-15 minutes of drive time, so it’s worth it. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

seven magic mountains

seven magic mountains

seven magic mountains

seven magic mountains


family-friendly road trip to palm springs california

Once we pulled into our hotel in Palm Springs, it felt so so good; great to be out of the car, and even better to step into a Palm Springs paradise. We stayed at the most beautiful, family-friendly hotel in Palm Springs, the Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa. I cannot recommend it enough. I can’t wait to go back! Their staff were so accommodating, and we had special Bon-Voy experiences we will never forget.

road trip to westin mission hills resort and spa

westin mission resort and spa hills palm springs

We spent one morning with the Executive Chef, Joel Delmond, and his bee apiary. After getting all suited up in our bee outfits, we spent time learning about his bees, honey and hive life. I learned so much, and cannot believe how incredible those tiny creatures are. Our kids stayed close to us, but even at the ages of 6, 8 and 10, they did it without any tears, and really enjoyed it. Thanks Chef Joel, Tom and Raquel for planning this experience.

beekeepers for the day-westin palm springs

westin palm springs-beekeeper for the day

Between pool days, endless trips down the water slides, craft sessions by the pool, yard games, an arcade room, tee times on the golf course, tennis courts and dinners by the pool, we were relaxed and happy from morning till night at the hotel. Seriously, we didn’t want to leave the hotel.

west mission hills palm springs-family friendly road trip

west mission hills palm springs--family friendly roadtrip

kids relaxing in palm springs at westin mission hills palm springs

west mission hills palm springs--family friendly road trip

I’m convinced my family needs to make this an annual trip. The road to CA was good, and our time there was amazing. There’s so much for families to do together, too! If you plan to spend time in Palm Springs, here’s some other outdoor, family-friendly things to do in the area.

  • Living Dessert Zoo: This zoo is so much fun to kids of all ages.
  • Shield’s Date Garden: This place comes highly recommended for lunch, and a walk through the date garden.
  • Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert: If it’s too hot or rainy outside, take the adventure inside with this incredible Children’s Museum.
  • Palm Springs Air Museum: If you have little one’s that are interested in anything related to airplanes, aviation or World War II, this is a worth while trip.
  • Palm Springs Aerial Tramway: I was so bummed this wasn’t open the week we visited PS. This look so cool.
  • Hiking: There are so many trails, including fun ones at Joshua Tree National Park and Indian Canyons. Ask your hotel for the best ones, depending on ages and ability level.
  • Village Fest: Downtown Palm Springs is closed into a pedestrian street fair every Thursday night.

DIY Succulent Fairy Garden

DIY succulent fairy gardenWith summer just around the corner, our kids need activities to keep them busy. This activity has painting, planting and fairy magic all rolled into one. Plus, this is a great planter for those of you who are green thumb challenged, because succulents are easier to keep alive than other plants.

Get all the details on Momtastic here.

DIY Geometric Glam Necklace Made Out Of Clay

DIY marbled clay jewelry

The kids played with clay last week, so we played with clay, too. We couldn’t let the kids have ALL the fun without us! They made tiny animals and flowers; we made a unique piece of DIY jewelry. We love the way it turned out with all it’s marbled goodness. This is a great project for tweens, and a fantastic DIY gift for friends.

Read all the details on Momtastic for this DIY clay necklace here.

DIY Geometric Clay Necklace



The Art of Alt Business Cards


I went to my second Alt Summit in March to represent J. Sorelle. What an incredible experience! I am so grateful to Alt for the opportunity to attend such a phenomenal conference, and meet inspirational women. Plus, the location, Palm Springs, has been on my wish list for quite some time now. It lived up to all my expectations!

You see (or you already know) that I have a fear of flying. I’ve never loved it, but I had a bad flight that really did a number on me, and then I had kids. We all know the worry and crazy (and really amazing things) that comes out when we have kids. I’m afraid of flying, and I’m really, really afraid of flying without my family with me. I had a ticket to Alt in my online shopping cart two years ago, and made excuses not to go. Last year I had an actual ticket, and just couldn’t do it. It was an investment I wasn’t ready to pay for. And, that irrational fear crept up, and I was afraid to fly there.

This year, I made it happen. A large part of it is because I have the most amazing husband that was willing to go on a road trip with the kids and me to Palm Springs. He always encourages me to do the things I want to do, but am afraid to do. He’s just the best. So, I was able to “work” and play in Palm Springs. Plus it was our first road trip (more to come on that), so it was overall a fantastic adventure to Alt Summit 2019.

Back to Alt, and the point of this post – business cards. The tiny, and maybe not so tiny, cards are the first impression we leave with people, other than our brief (if any) personal interaction. At conferences, I get to meet so many people, and it’s nice to go through my purse at night and remember people, plus it gives me an opportunity to check out their work. At Alt, some of the most creative people in the country bring their business card A-game. So, it’s important to bring a business card that will grab the attention of fellow bloggers and business owners, and help you stand out.

amazing business cards at Alt Summit

This year some of my favorites were:

  • Seeking Alexi and her fun construction pencil
  • Laura Plouzek and her Palm Springs mini pennant from her line XOELLE
  • Greeting cards from the amazingly talented Lisa Bardot with her own artwork on the front
  • Dapper Animal wooden pins (these ladies had the cutest purses)
  • Notebooks I used throughout the conference with fantastic quotes on the front by Salt & Honey
  • A business card with a cute photo and pops of confetti (which very much matches her aesthetic) by the lovely Haeley of Design Improvised 
  • Alison Winterroth‘s biz card, where the beautiful photography speaks for itself
  • Clean and simple, black and white cards by Callie Christensen (the one and only Callie from Slumberkins)
  • Our confetti business cards (tutorial below)
  • The colorful and modern design on Jessica’s biz cards caught my eye, plus we had a great lunch together, so I definitely kept her card.
  • Colorful tattoos from Art 2 The Extreme, the creator of the original rainbow crayon.
  • LaCroix was a sponsor, and their product is so good, they didn’t even need a card, but I just couldn’t help but include their amazing LaCroix straw in there.

amazing business cards at Alt Summit

The must-haves for every card is the name of the business, social media handles, your name and contact information (how to reach you via email and/or phone number), and a word or brief description that tells someone what you do (i.e. graphic designer, photographer, blogger, etc).

The first time I brought business cards to Alt, they were mini file folders with out contact information inside. This time, our business card was inside a confetti party. Plus, we gave an added bonus gift to attendees we met – DIY lip balm. We homemade it with organic ingredients and essential oils. Since we from the high altitude of Colorado, and I was on an emotional “high” at Alt, the packaging was all about High Altitude Vibes. If you were at Alt and want one, we have some leftover and would love to send one your way. Visit us on Instagram and direct message us.

Here’s how we made the cards.

amazing business cards at Alt Summit


  • Business card (Jenna made ours)
  • Protection sleeves for paper
  • Fuse tool
  • Confetti, or glitter shapes (not fine, thin glitter), Target and Michaels

How To:

We do have a close up look at how we made these cards on our Instagram stories. If your more of a visual person, check it out.

Step 1: Once you have a business card, get the other materials ready, and get ready to add some sparkle to your cards. We used the same tool and sheet protectors for our DIY confetti bookmarks, which also has good photos to follow along on how to use the Fuse tool.


Step 2: Set the business card inside the protective sleeve. There will not be sections like the photo above – this photo is just to show you the tool and the sleeve. You can add about 4 or 5 cards in there at a time once you get into the groove. Set the metal ruler on one side of the card, directly next to the paper (but not on top of the paper), and begin to burn along the edge. Continue until you get to the end of the card, and repeat on another side until you meet the end of the 1st fused side.

Step 3: You should have two sides sealed. Now, garb a pinch or two of glitter, and add it to the card. Next, seal the other two sides.

Now, shake and watch that glitter move. Get ready to make a cute and sparkly impression when you exchange cards.

amazing business cards at Alt Summit


amazing business cards at Alt Summit