Beach Days: Must-Haves For The Beach

Beach Must Have Accessories

We are heading to the beach soon. But, we can’t head to the salty shores without some of our favorite beach day accessories. Here we go…

  1. Phone Pouch – Keep that phone from heating up, as well as safe from the water (this pouch even floats).
  2. Elta Face Sunscreen – We’ve tried many face sunscreens, and this is by far our favorite. It works, and it feels light and smooth going on.
  3. Sunbum Sunscreen – This has been our favorite sunscreen for years. It’s free of some chemicals, and we love the smell. If your scalp gets fried like ours does, this is a great hair sunscreen mist by Sunbum, as well.
  4. Foldable Buckets – Sand toys are a must with kids at the beach. Be sure to save space with these collapsible buckets. Mesh bags, and shovels are clutch, too.
  5. JBL portable and waterproof speaker – We love our JBL speakers. We don’t travel without them – we use them at the beach, at the park, golf course and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.
  6. Stanley Water Bottle – We finally brought our own water bottles from home last spring, and it was life-changing. The water stays nice and cold, it’s easy to carry with the handle, plus dishwasher-safe to clean (big WIN).
  7. Cooler backpack – This is a big investment, so if not a yeti, buy a backpack cooler to keep water and snacks close by. Another great brand made in the USA is Cordova.
  8. Sunglasses – We love our QuayGoodr as well as our favorite Italian brand, Carrera, sunnies.
  9. Surfer Dude – Great toy for the kids. The little surf toy rides the ways all day long.
  10. Splash UNO – This is a fun pool-side game to play. The cards won’t get ruined by water splashes, so the UNO competition pool-side will remain strong all day.
  11. Beach Bag – Jodi has this, and it’s adorable both on and off the beach.
  12. Hat – Protect your face with a hat. This Salty Crew trucker hat is so cute, and I think I have to add it to my cart.
  13. Neso beach tent – This tent is amazing. We use it on our family vacations in Florida, and it provides good coverage, very portable and it’s stronger than an umbrella against that beach breeze.
  14. Birkenstock sandals: Jodi and Jess both own a pair of these, and want them in all the colors. So comfortable and versatile. We wear them 24/7 by the beach, and all summer long.
  15. (Not pictured) Utility Wagon – Traveling with kids means traveling with a whole bunch of stuff! This wagon has saved us so many times walking from the beach to the condo. Load ‘n go.

Have fun in the sun!

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