We Are Majorly Crushing On This DIY Confetti Frame

DIY heart confetti frame for valentines day

We collaborated with the wonderful women at AVYN, who make comfortable and stylish bras for the modern mom, with a special craft for Valentine’s Day. The founders of AVYN are two women (and moms) trying their best to do their thang with their business and families, and we’re also trying our best to do our thang with our businesses and families! We love to support each other.

Last time we guest posted on AVYN, we were gaga over these DIY bunnies we shared. This time, we traded balloons and bunnies for confetti hearts and photos. Check out the DIY confetti frame post here, so you can make them for friends and family.

We had a memorable trip to Florida in 2019 to celebrate our parents wedding anniversary. Bianca Merrell captured beautiful photos our family will treasure forever. We made these precious moments extra special with glitter confetti! We hope you can find special memory (or two) to frame, too.

Check out AVYN on IG, too. It’s an uplifting account with inspiration for women and mother’s everywhere.

DIY heart confetti frame for valentines day

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