What Unicorn Dreams Are Made Of: A Magical DIY Unicorn Letter


Our daughters dream of sliding down colorful rainbows, playing with fairies and sparkling pixie dust, and riding on unicorns. So, it’s no surprise they were head over heels in love with out latest craft for their bedrooms, a DIY unicorn letter. It’s unicorn magic in one simple letter.

Every little girls needs one…all the details on how to make them are at Momtastic. By the way, it’s a totally doable craft even for the most non-crafty person you know. Try it!

DIY unicorn letter magical room decor

Balloons + Bras: DIY Easter Craft For Moms and Kids Plus Bra’s For The Modern Mom

diy mini balloon bunnies-spring craft for moms and kids

All three of us breastfed our children. We had milk stains, tears, moments of peace and grateful hearts, ugly snap bras, extremely sore nipples and mastitis to name a few. When it comes to breastfeeding, you name it, we experienced it. We remember as first time moms shopping for nursing bras and having that moment when we thought, “Really?! Is this what I have to wear for the next 3-9 months?” Well, some smart and savvy ladies thought the same thing, and finally did something about it. They made comfy and cute bras for the modern mom. Now, AVYN is making bra waves among moms everywhere.

We’re sure you’re wondering why breastfeeding and bras have anything to do with adorable bunnies. Well, the ladies behind the bras (AVYN), and the ladies behind the bunnies (us) came together to collaborate for moms and kids this Spring. We shared this adorable DIY bunny craft on their blog, AVYN Nation.

The women of AVYN have poured a lot of passion and great design into supportive and stylish nursing bras for women. Yay, AVYN! Wish you were around when we were breastfeeding. But, we are happy for all you new mama’s who get to experience the comfort for us.

While your breastfeeding and surfing your phone; or not breastfeeding at all, and just looking for a cute Easter and Springtime craft to do with the kids, we’ve got a good one for you. These DIY mini bunny’s are made from the most unlikely source, and they are so cute we could squeeze them…literally. Find out how to make them here, and check out the fantastic bras at AVYN.


Pretty Spring Decor: DIY Flower Garland With Lights

spring DIY string light garland

We’re so happy it’s Spring. The snow was abundant in the Rocky Mountain this winter, so we’re ready to get out of hibernation (and freezing) mode, and celebrate all things flowers, warm weather, sunshine, rain and rainbows.

We made a pretty DIY flower garland for Momtastic, and it’s an awesome way to welcome Spring. Put those twinkle lights to good use, and make it this weekend.

Tutorial available here.

spring DIY string light garland


DIY Clay Lucky Charms For The Irish In Everyone

DIY clay lucky charms_st patricks day

If you’re looking for a green, sparkly, rainbow-happy St. Patrick’s Day craft, we’ve got one for you. It’s simple with minimal supplies, and it’s a good paint-therapy session for everyone.

You will be addicted to Plaid Craft’s new Glitterific paint after you make these DIY lucky charms. Seriously, it’s so good!

All the details are on Momtastic.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

DIY Rainbow Soap To Brighten Your Day

DIY RAINBOW SOAP for St. Patrick's Day

One of our favorite new crafts around here is making DIY soap. Jessica’s 8-year-old daughter can’t get enough, so we may have enough soap to keep our hands clean for years and years. At least it’s colorful, and useful! The variations are endless with this DIY, and anyone can do it. It’s really fun. We made soap inspired by St. Patrick’s Day and Spring, but who doesn’t love rainbows year-round?

You can get all the details on Momtastic here.