DIY Wood Box Frame With Colorful Tissue Paper


These wood boxes have been sitting in my garage for 6 months. I had an original plan for them, and honestly I can’t remember if it didn’t work or fell through. Whatever the reason, I’m really glad I had them, because these DIY wood frames with tissue paper were born. My daughter and I spent the afternoon crafting these frames for friends and family, and then we made extra frames to add to the gallery wall in her room. They are such a happy and colorful addition!

The wood box frames are from Oriental Trading. If you haven’t had a chance, enter in the drawing for $250 gift card to Oriental Trading. You can buy these wood box frames, and a whole lot more! Oh my goodness, the things we could buy and the parties we could decorate for $250! Enter here.



Step 1: Rip or cut tissue paper into lines/shapes. You can go for a “ripped” look, or a more precise “cut” look. For the confetti, buy a package of pre-cut confetti, or use a hole punch to make circles.


Step 2: Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the wood box, and add pieces of tissue paper. Gently press down on the paper so it is “stuck” on the wood box, and try to remove line/bubbles without ripping the paper.


Step 3: Once you have the design you want, add a layer of Mod Podge over the entire wood box and tissue paper. It will appear white, but that’s ok because it will dry clear. Once it’s dry, you can apply another layer of Mod Podge if you want. After you applied the Mod Podge, and it’s completely dry, flip the wood box over and use an X-acto knife to trim the excess tissue paper around the edges.





Step 4: Once the Mod Podge is completely dry, find the top/center of the box to add the bulldog clip. Make a small dot with a pencil, and then drill with a small drill bit. Align the bulldog clip with the drilled hole, and then use a screwdriver to tighten a screw.



Step 5: Clip a 4×4 photo in place. Now, you have a colorful, adorable frame. You can make 12 of them for $17.





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Dirty Pour Art: It’s All In The Pour


We discovered the coolest way to make DIY art, and you don’t need a painter’s bone in your body. It’s called Dirty Pour art. Basically, the pre-mixed paint is poured into one cup, and when poured onto a canvas, it creates swirled and marbled effects. We tried Dirty Pour art for the first time, and we are addicted. It creates the most beautiful print. It’s a MUST try.

We shared a tutorial at Momtastic. Check out all the dirty little details hereIMG_3162

3 Easy Projects You Can Make With Paint Chip Circles


We love when creativity can inspire someone to take one object, and turn it into endless creations. We’ve seen people turn Ikea furniture into one-of-a-kind pieces, upcycle and reuse objects that didn’t appear to have life left in them, and make unique art with unconventional materials.

We’ve seen hundreds of projects made with paint chips. It’s a free, colorful source of inspiration for so many people. These paint chip circles have been sitting in a bin in the garage for years. We initially used them for our sharks and mermaids celebrating an Under the Sea party. It’s a happy bag of confetti that has a lot of DIY’s left to do, but recently we rounded up three ways to use the colorful circles.

#1: Favor Tags
Recently our kids had testing week at school. A few moms wanted to lift the kids spirits when they sat at their desk to tackle a day of tests. One of the many ways we did it was with pencils with the tag, You’re Sharp. To make, use a Sharpie to write the words in the center of the circle, simply cut a slit on top and bottom of the circles, and insert the pencil. These would make cute Valentine’s Day favors, too. Think about all the tags you can make for favors and gifts with the paint chip circles!


#2: Fruit
We don’t know about you, but we are ready for that tropical look and feel of summer! These tiny fruits were so fun to make, and the only extra materials we used was scissors and a Sharpie. These would be adorable wine charms – just punch a small hole, add a small loop or wire, and that’s it! These fruit would also make a fruitastic banner. To do that, just punch holes or cut slits, and string twine through them, or glue twine to the back of them. I see a lot of fun projects with these fruity tokens in our future. How would you use the fruit?



#3: Mermaid/Fish Scales
These paint circles are perfect for layering on top of each other for a scale effect. We used them to make a large mermaid tail. For the tail tutorial, visit here. They would be a great prop for fish scales and ocean waves, too. I also plan to glue circles to a large piece of paper, and let my kids think about all the things that have circles, and draw around it. For example, they can draw rays for a sun, another circle on top and bottom for a snowman, a car and it’s wheels, the planets in the solar systems, etc. It would be so fun!


How would you use the circles? Tell us at or visit us on Instagram.

Colorful Tailgate Just In Time For Fall Football Season


Are you ready for some football? A Monday (and almost every night of the week) party!

Y’all, it’s football season, whether you’re ready or not. Lucky for us, we like football season, and our hometown team, the Broncos. We like the game, but we may like the food, tailgate parties, apparel and cocktails just as much, if not more.

To kickoff the season on the right foot, we had a tailgate party of our own. We decorated in orange and blue, and we primarily did it with ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers. It was a good morning to celebrate football at a girls only tailgate (no offense to the men), and it was so fun!


Get ready to cut and glue your way to an awesome and colorful tailgate. Details on how we hosted our tailgate is below. Of course, we decorated in orange and blue for our team, but ASTROBRIGHTS also has 25 bright colors for any team’s tailgate. Craft the rainbow for your team!

DIY Huddle Sign
One of our favorite items at the tailgate was our huddle sign. We made it with Astrobrights paper, including the colors Lunar Blue™, Blast-Off Blue™, Celestial Blue®, Orbit Orange™, and Cosmic Orange™. To make it, first glue white paper letters onto a foamcore board. Next, cut 5 inch-long strips of paper ranging from ½ inch to 1 inch thick (depends on how high you want the letters). Finally, tightly roll the paper. Once rolled, you can keep it circular or bend it into a triangle shape. With a hot glue gun, glue the paper rolls around the letters. Glue them close to one another, and as the letters take shape, you can start to stagger like loose confetti.  This will be a signature showstopper at every tailgate this season. Friends will know how to find your car for every game.




Food & Drink
We made the most delicious breakfast burritos (tater tots, green chili, red peppers, eggs and cheese) for this tailgate. They can be easily warmed on the grill, or kept warm on the way to the game. To stick with our team’s colors, we also served orange clementines and blueberries, along with donut kabobs (small wooden dowels lined with delicious white donut holes). We decorated the donut holes with tiny flags made with Blast-Off Blue™ and Orbit Orange™ cardstock.


We sipped a Mimosa cocktail in solo cups. To make them extra cute, we designed megaphones with names on Microsoft Word, cut them out, and then taped them onto the cups with packaging tape. The tape was our way to waterproof the names for those unforeseen spills. Cheers!



DIY Paper Photo Props & Banner
Paper props are always a good idea for a fun party. After all, everyone is looking for a good instagram shot, and props enhance those photo opps! We made #1 fan foam fingers from paper, as well as pennant flags. To make the foam fingers, simply print a template found online (foam finger here), cut, glue and then add a stick for people to hold them. We used a sharpie to draw the hand details, and cut a #1 from ASTROBRIGHTS paper.




Football game decor just doesn’t seem complete without a banner of some kind. So, we cut some orange and blue triangles (pennant flag template here) and strung them along a piece of twine. Additionally, we cut GAME DAY letters and strung them along, too.




DIY Magnets
A great damage-free way to hang football printables is magnets. We can’t believe we haven’t explored this option more before. Jenna created football printables for us, and we hung them all around the truck. To make these magnets, trace the size of the magnets around ASTROBRIGHTS paper. Next glue the paper to one side of the magnet. Lastly, pour Mod Podge Dimensional Magic onto the top of the magnet. Let the magic dry. Another option is to paint the magnet with actual Mod Podge. It will be a protective barrier on the magnets.



DIY Paper Megaphone Necklace
Everyone wants to be heard, and one can be heard a lot louder with a megaphone. It may not have been a large one, but the DIY paper megaphones we made were a fun way to cheer on our favorite team, and accessorize our outfits. To do this, find a small megaphone template, print the outline, trace it on cardstock paper and decorate the paper megaphones with the ASTROBRIGHTS writing paper. Use a hot glue gun to glue the megaphone together. Next, hang them with yarn, and give them to all party-goers.



For football fans, fall is all about football, friends and food. Now, we encourage all those footballs fans to add festive paper to COLORIZE their fall, too. After our tailgate, we know we’re convinced paper can be a part of football fun!


This post is in partnership with ASTROBRIGHTS. We were crafting with and coloring on ASTROBRIGHTS paper long before this post. It’s always been a fave product of ours. Thank you for supporting the brands that support j. sorelle. ASTROBRIGHTS was one of the first, so we are very grateful.

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10 Graphic Tees for Summer

We’re going BOLDLY where no J. Sorelle lady has gone before…wearing graphic tees! We’re going to proudly wear our words on our chest this summer. Here’s some of our faves.

{always feeling the good vibes} Good Vibes T-Shirt, Urban Outfitters | {great song} Easy Like Sunday Morning, Nordstrom | {yep, that sounds about right} More Issues Than Vogue, OpenSky | {proud to be an American} National Leisure Top, ModCloth | {Matthew McConaughey, this one’s for you} Alright, Alright, Alright, Urban Outfitters | {once a whiskey girl. always a whiskey girl} Whiskey is Always, Urban Outfitters | {hell, yeah} Fun Brunette, Zappos | {amen, sista} Broke Up with Gym, Express | {we all have our moments} The Hottest Mess, Asos | {let’s get our zen on} Namaste Y’all, Urban Outfitters