The HEART Of The Matter: Valentine’s Day Gifts

i love you so much-austin-girls-trip

Just like most women, we’ve had our hearts broken, and we’ve been madly in love (still am). So, whether we’re feeling all kinds of anger, jealousy or heartbreak, or we’re happy, on cloud 9, or feeling all those butterflies, we have a thing for hearts. It’s not just throughout the month of February. We love them year-round; however retail loves all things hearts when it’s Valentine’s Day. So, we rounded up our favorite gifts to give friends or loved ones this month. We say, keep the heart thing going past February. Wear your heart on your sleeve, fall madly in love, follow your heart, rock those heart sunglasses, and remember…love, is all around.



DIY Lightbox With Twinkle Lights

DIY LIGHTBOX_for kids and tweens-twinkle-lights-room-decor

Most (if not all) of you probably put the Christmas decorations away until next November/December. The decor is fun and festive, but it was beginning to clutter my mind (and house) with chaos, so mine went down shortly after New Year’s day. But, I did keep all the twinkle lights out…because I love the twinkle year-round. I made a DIY lightbox for my daughter, and it’s been shining bright in her room ever since!

You don’t need a fancy machine or equipment for this project, which means it’s a must-do! You can make for your son or daughter, and use whatever quote inspires you (or your kids), because all of our kids have a bright light to share with the world. As parents, we just need to give them the guidance and freedom to follow their light, and the confidence to never let anyone or anything dim it. Sometimes our kids need a reminder of their light, and this DIY lightbox is a good one.

The full tutorial is at Momtastic, so be sure to check it out here.

Happy New Year. We hope it’s a bright year for each and every one of you! Keep shining bright!

DIY LIGHTBOX_for kids and tweens-twinkle-lights-room-decor

Note: Thanks to Oriental Trading, who sent the Vellum paper for a different Halloween project. So happy the vellum can be used so so many other projects, like this one. 

Christmas Craft: DIY Snowmen Ornaments


We have a special place in our holiday hearts for Frosty the Snowman, or any snowman for that matter. There’s something so playful and magical about building a snowman with our kids every winter.

These DIY snowman don’t require gloves, or coats. In fact, you don’t even need snow. These adorable DIY snowmen ornaments are made from wood beads. If you’re looking for a fun afternoon craft, or a gift for the kids to make teachers and friends, try these cute DIY bead snowmen.



Step 1: Draw buttons, a nose, mouth, eyes and cheeks on the beads. We tried Paint Pens, and those worked as well; however the ink bled with the grain of the wood sometimes, so the paint and paintbrush method worked better for us.


Step 2: Apparently finger pulls meant for doors make the best mini snowman hats. You can get creative with other shaped beads, or felt for the hat if you don’t want to drill anything. If you don’t mind the power tool step, drill a hole in the top of the Finger Pull in the center.

Step 3: Cut suede cord, and tie a knot at the bottom, and begin to stack the beads, bottom first, working your way up to the head. Once all three beads are on, add the hat, and then tie another knot. Next, wrap a loop around the top, and tie another knot.


Step 4: Cut small strips of fabric straps, and wrap between the head and body for a scarf.

Step 5: Gift to friends and family!




Holiday Wrapping: DIY Modern Rudolph Gift Tags

DIY Modern rudolph gift tags

Let’s be honest, 99% of our gifts are still in boxes or bags from the store stuffed in storage, but we did wrap 4 gifts (to be exact), and the gift tags were too cute not to share! This is simple DIY holiday wrapping anyone can do at home on your own computer without any fancy programs. We were still on a high from our Real Simple holiday photo shoot, and couldn’t get enough of the framed holiday art. So, with a little tweaking, the prints became cool and modern DIY gift tags. You can make them, too, in no time at all.



Step 1: Buy the files. The deer print is available from Designers Forever Shop. The Merry & Bright printable is from Fleur de Lis. These files are so affordable, and they can be amazing art (and gift tags). Here’s what they looked like as framed art. Cute, huh?!


Step 2: Open the files on your computer to add Merry Christmas words to the deer photo. (We used Preview on the MacBook). Optional: You can use Canva, which is a phenomenal program online we frequently use.

Step 3: When you print the file, make the copies per page 6, not 1, on the print preview/options. It will print 6 of the images on one page for you, and they are the perfect gift tag size.

Step 4: Trace the shape of a gift tag onto each photo, and then cut it out. Next, use a hole punch to punch a hole on top, and add a string to attach it to a gift.

Step 5: Glue mini red pom poms on the nose for a “modern Rudolph look.” You can add the name of the gift recipient, as well as yours to the back of the card, or add a mini banner tag on top for the name.





Happy gifting!

Gnome For the Holidays

diy gnome wine toppers

We love our wine, and a glass of wine is better when shared with a friend, that’s for sure. Give wine to friends and family this holiday season, or have friends over and make sure wine is ready at the bar, with these adorable DIY gnome wine bottle toppers. They add that extra touch of homemade love and cuteness to an ordinary bottle of wine, and they are so easy to make. No sewing required.

Momtastic has all the details here.

Thanks to Cole and Dainer  for sharing some of the fluffy faux fur from her amazing blankets for the gnome beards. The fur on her blankets is like heaven on my family’s skin when we have snuggle sessions.

Cheers to a happy holiday!