CO is turning 138

colorado state burlap flag_jsorelle

August 1 marks Colorado’s 138th birthday. Happy {early} Birthday Colorful Colorado! Being born and raised Colorado girls, we love to represent our state and give its flag some love. We also love burlap. So, we combined the two and created a piece of art…or a basket accessory.

You’ll Need:
a piece burlap
a photo of the Colorado flag {we used regular, white printer paper}
Golden GAC 800 Medium from Golden Paints

How To:
Print a photo of the Colorado flag.
Use a brush to apply the gel medium to the item you plan to add the photo to.
Place the image, face down, on the item you are adding the photo to, in this case, a piece of burlap.
Gently press down and rub all areas on the back of the photo so the medium is applied, without bubbles, to the entire photo.
Wait for the medium to dry. We waited about 2 hours.
Use a wet wash cloth to ‘wet’ the back of the photo. The photo will look wet, and if it doesn’t, you may have to add more water to the wash cloth. Once the paper looks transparent, rub the paper with your hand or the wash cloth gently – it will peel the ‘paper pulp’ and reveal your transferred image.
We added the DIY Colorado burlap flag to a red basket with twine, and added lovely sunflowers. This would also be pretty framed, or mounted on an old, antique piece of white wood.

colorado burlap flag diy

colorado burlap flag diy_jsorelle

diy colorado burlap flag_jsorelle

{images j. sorelle}

happy birthday


Today, our home state that we love, Colorado, turns 137! Colorado became the 38th state to join the union on Aug. 1, 1876. In honor of this special day, we’re shopping all things Colorado. If you’ve ever lived here, call the Rocky Mountain state home, or just love good ’ole Colorado, splurge to represent!


Colorado Native Beer
Colorado Flag Bike Crate: Colorado Joes via Etsy 


Colorado Flag Crocheted Hat: Jessie Hull via Etsy
Colorado Shirt: The Home T
The Colorado Hat: Delicate Limited
Colorado Flag Custom Hoodies: FrozenKiss via Etsy


Colorado State Pillow: Seasons Gifts and Home
Colorado Home State Print: Homeland Tees via Etsy
Colorado State License Plate Bookends by Joonia via Etsy


 I heart Colorado Necklace: Tru.che on Etsy


 Colorado Flag Gold Head Cover: Old Man Granola
Colorado Flag iPhone Case: Zazzle

{images via Seasons Gifts and Home, Joonia, The Home T, Tru.che, Old Man Granola, Delicate Brand, Frozen Kiss, Zazzle, Homeland Tees, Colorado Joes, Jessie Hull}

passion for all things vintage

It’s no secret that we love ALL THINGS VINTAGE around here, so we are thrilled to introduce you to Colorado’s newest and finest collection of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces available for rent…at prices you can afford. Let us introduce you to A Vintage Affair Rentals.

We {the tre sorelle trio} recently sat down with the darling owner and creator of A Vintage Affair Rentals, Jessica Strong. Among weddings {she is a lovely bride}, creative photo shoots, wedding invites and her latest mouth-watering baking masterpieces…we discussed the need for a company like hers. Like many brides and planners, Jessica became frustrated with the lack of resources available for brides who wanted a vintage-inspired wedding, but didn’t want to break the bank.

Thus, A Vintage Affair Rentals was born.

The event decor rental company does not just supply brides with coveted antique pieces for their special day…photographers can rent items for engagement shoots, new moms can rent the vintage farmhouse scale for their newborn’s first photo session, and party planners can add that show stopping piece to any party.

From the large items such as the lemonade stand {also a perfect kissing booth}, charming white farm dresser and distressed door to the small items like wood crates, skeleton keys, milk glass vases and a gumball machine, her collection makes the modern woman long for a piece of something antique.

Visit Jessica’s site to see her growing collection and beautifully styled photo shoots. Her inventory will impress. She shared some of her pieces with us, photographed by the talented Laura Murray Photography.

{images via Laura Murray Photography}