Let’s Get Lit: DIY Paper Lanterns for Kids

diy paper lanterns-holiday kids craft

It’s that time of year when Pinterest overwhelms us with fun and crafty ideas to get in the festive holiday spirit. There’s so many creative people in the world who share such amazing ideas, it’s hard to narrow it down to our favorites. We want to do them all. Every year, this DIY lantern remain a top holiday craft for our families. We can’t take credit for this idea. A local library and art business host this craft every year in Vail, then the kids walk through the village with their lit lanterns. It’s a favorite tradition for all ages. There’s always something magical about lights, and when our kids artwork is illuminated, it’s even more special.

You can use various mediums with this project including water colors, acrylics, or tissue and mod Podge. Tissue and mod podge, along with water colors were our kids favorite. Order these items this week to get them in time for Christmas break! It’s really fun to get kids together for an afternoon of art, especially when it’s cold outside.

Let’s light up the night sky this season with magical DIY paper lanterns.

DIY Paper Lanterns


  • Paper lanterns
  • Tissue paper, scissors and Mod Podge (these cut outs are a great option for tissue paper)
  • Watercolor paints, and paintbrushes
  • Acrylic paints
  • Light (this or this will work)
  • Pipe cleaners (you need to hang the light inside, and also to hold and hang on a tree, or hook)


Step 1: Open the lantern, and add wire to keep it open

Step 2: If you choose to use tissue paper and Mod Podge, cut the tissue paper into various shapes. Add Mod Podge to the lantern, add tissue paper and then cover with a thin layer of Mod Podge.

If you choose to use paint, then let your creative side take over so you can create a winter masterpiece.

Step 3: Insert the pipe cleaner through the mini light, and then hang from the internal wire. Also, add a pipe cleaner to the top two wire circles to hang the lantern.

Step 4: Find a special spot to hang it. This makes a fantastic gift for grandparents, too. You can press try to press it down when the season is over, and hang it next year.

diy paper lantern for kids - holiday craft


diy paper lantern to make with kids - holiday season craft

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