spritz the bowl before you go … and no one else will ever know!


Yes, it involves going number two. Yes, it’s hilarious. And yes, it totally works.

This could quite possibly be the best invention ever. How it works: spray the toilet water before you go “number two” and you can’t even smell it after you flush! Poo~Pouri totally takes away the embarrassment from going number two in any public or private bathroom because it covers up the smelly evidence with a yummy scent! Totally genius.

These little 4 oz bottles of Deja Poo, Royal Flush, No. 2, Loo~Pouri and Poo~Pouri are a bathroom necessity in your home. After all, don’t you want people to feel comfortable enough in your home to go number two?

And, they are the perfect gift for your hubby or dad for Father’s Day. I recommend Royal Flush for the men, it smells like cologne… yummy!

A scented toilet paper and Poo~Pouri gift set is the perfect gift for that special someone who desperately needs it 🙂


You can get Poo~Pouri at Fleur de Lis.

You can thank us later …

{images via tutto bella and poo~pouri}

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