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We also want to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt sorrow for the victims affected by the horrifying shooting in Colorado this past Friday, July 20th. Our prayers and thoughts are with the friends, families and loved ones of those who died. We WILL NOT FORGET and will celebrate the lives of those who died too soon in this world, the heros who saved lives, and the police force and doctors who helped/are helping those healing from this heinous crime. Born and raised in Colorado, we sisters love our state and believe in this wonderful community and the good that is in Colorado and our great nation.

– Jessica, Jenna, Jodi {tre sorelle}


  1. Aly says

    The healthcare community as a whole has stepped up to take care of these patients. There is so much more to hospitals then physicians. Without all staff working together – doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, etc – it would not have gone as smoothly.

    • jenna says

      yes absolutely! the entire healthcare community have also been huge heros in this tragedy.

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