Book Theme Baby Shower

Baby showers are so special.
Down to the last detail, my shower was incredibly special.

My hubby’s aunt, sister and mimi threw me a beautiful, book themed baby shower. Instead of bringing a card to accompany their gift, each guest brought a book and signed it. Such a great idea! Who doesn’t love books? Now my little girl has a library of children’s books in her nursery, all signed with a loving message inside.

The tables were decorated after classic children’s books. Each table was its own book. There were handmade bookmarks that served as place settings, chevron ‘Baby Wishes’ for each guest to fill out for the mama-to-be next to the place setting and coordinating cake pops to match.
… and did you see the centerpieces?!

I hope you will enjoy the details of the baby shower as much as I did!

Guess How Much I Love You 

Winnie the Pooh

The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar

Where the Wild Things Are

Curious George 

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie


{centerpieces made by Ali Davis}
{images via Lori Halverson}


  1. Jodi, what a great idea for a baby shower, I LOVE it! <3

  2. To begin with, I love anything related to children’s books! But those themed centerpieces are just incredible…imagine finding just the right ribbon, little cutouts, etc. So creative and sweet!

    • jessica says

      thank you. we love children’s books too! it was creative…and it’s a doable DIY project. hope to have a tutorial on it soon. what a great site you have! thanks for stopping by!

  3. Absolutely love the book themed baby shower decorations. I teach and would love to decorate our media center tables with the centerpieces. Would love to learn how you created them!

    • jessica says

      thanks cindi. that would be a great centerpiece. a tutorial is coming soon. thanks for stopping by.

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