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Happy Wedding Bridal Party Challenge Wednesday!

Our good friends, Kam and Susan, and their daughter, Savannah {one of my bridesmaids} with boyfriend Andreas, threw Drew and I a wedding couple’s shower at their home last weekend. Now, this is was no ordinary shower that us ladies are used to. There was no tea sipping, opening up measuring spoons or typical Q & A games. It was a friendly, backyard and party atmosphere where you can slip on your cowboy boots, sip on your beverage from a mason jar and be fully entertained by the fun games in store {and the men were invited, too!}

The decor was an old western saloon. Bandanas were tucked under the flowers and placed into cowboy boots on the tables. The drinks were adorable mason jars wrapped with a rustic twine and heart attached to it. They did a fabulous job!

The games that our hosts created for us were without a doubt HILARIOUS! It was called Bridal Party Challenge – the groom and his groomsmen versus the bride and her bridesmaids. It was officially game time.

In the first challenge, Annie and Marco had to roll the large die on the grass until they rolled two 6’s or two 1’s. Unfortunately for the girls, Marco won. Groomsmen: 1  Bridesmaids: 0

The second challenge was a juggling competition. Chad and his girlfriend, Lindsay, were competing. I think Chad may have been a better juggler, but the crowd voted for Lindsay – sorry Chad! Groomsmen: 1  Bridesmaids:1

In the third challenge, Savannah and JT had to place an Oreo cookie on their forehead and skillfully move it into their mouths without using their hands. Savannah wrinkled her cheeks and nose while JT did squats to toss the Oreo in the air.

Savannah came out notorious! Groomsmen: 1  Bridesmaids: 2

The fourth challenge was perfect for Jessica and Jenna, who we all know are ‘girly’ girls and do not typically enjoy competitive activities. Except that they were paired against their husbands 🙂 It was the girls against the boys, each team seated across from their partner. One member of each team had to feed a bowl of whipped cream to their teammate. Whoever finished their bowl first won the round. The trick: everyone was blindfolded 🙂

The boys won by less than a second. Groomsmen: 2  Bridesmaids: 2

The final challenge for the bride and groom involved a paper plate, a flipper and a tortilla. Drew and I had each had a plate tied to the top of our heads and a flipper on one of our feet. We had to flip the tortilla from our flipper to our plate without touching it with our hands. Drew and I are equally competitive, and we were both in it to win it!

Let’s just say, I kicked his butt 🙂

The winning {bride and bridesmaids} team

The ‘A for effort’ {groom and groomsmen} team

Bridal Party Challenge. Unique. Fun. Completely entertaining. It was a perfect shower activity to get people involved and have an absolute blast! Our guests enjoyed watching and our wedding party enjoyed participating. Our Bridal Party Challenge extravagganza was something that we, as well as our guests, will never forget!

Thank you Kam, Susan, Savannah and Andreas for your inspirational creativity for our Tutto Bella brides!

{images via tutto bella}

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