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Save-the-dates are one of the most important details for a wedding. They are in fact the precursor to the formal invitation. Other than your personalities and reputation for throwing fabulous parties, the save-the-date is the one thing that gets people hyped up for the main event. Yes, you can talk all you want about how delicious the food will be and how grand the centerpieces will look. However, first impressions speak volumes. {Especially when fine stationery is involved :-)}

A few Tre Sorelle recommendations when choosing your save-the-date:

Put your personality into it!

Keep it with the same tone as your wedding {if you’re having a traditional wedding, keep the save-the-date traditional}.

 The most important things are: the names of the bride and groom, the date and the location. Don’t forget to include “formal invitation to follow” at the bottom. Also,  accommodation information is always appreciated if people are traveling to your event.

I had the pleasure to take photos of some modern, fun and traditional save-the-dates at Fleur de Lis {where else?}, including announcements from William Arthur, Elum, Crane & Gwenyth Paige and my very own save-the-date from Designer’s Fine Press. Enjoy!

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{images via Tutto Bella}

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