As you know from following our blog, Jenna – the middle sister of the tre sorelle trio – was {fabulously} preggo the past 9 months. Well, things have been full of baby joy around here lately because Jenna and her wonderful hubby welcomed a beautiful baby boy a couple weeks ago. He is just adorable and he has already brought everyone in the family so much joy! He is a miracle and we love him so much.

Before Jenna went through 24+ hours of labor, she and Will spent a day with one of our faves, Meredith from Meredith Moran Photography, to capture her beautiful, growing belly. Only Jenna would still wear her heels 8 months preggo! 🙂


{images via Meredith Moran Photography}


  1. jenna is beyond gorgeous! The pregnancy look is a good look for her! Beautiful photos and so very Jenna!

  2. Secia (Buddy) says

    Goodness you guys are a GORGEOUS couple!!! and now you have a gorgeous/handsome baby boy!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  3. Kate donovan says


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