kate + daniel in greece

Kate and Daniel came traveled all the way from Malaysia for a pre-wedding photo shoot in Santorini, Greece. Malaysian Chinese has a tradition of taking pre-wedding photos, and since Kate and Daniel were planning a trip to Greece and Turkey for holiday anyway, they decided to take their photos pre-wedding photos there.

Looking at the photos, you wouldn’t know they were frazzled or stressed, but the day progressed in a way they never expected. The couple planned for photos with a different set of gowns and jackets and additional props; however after the couple posed on the beach, their parked car got stuck in the sand on the beach. Eventually, and after unsuccessfully trying to push the car out themselves, nice locals passed by and stopped to push and pull their car out. Everyone was so consumed with finding a solution, no photos were taken, but the memory is a treasure…and the photos look flawless.

The beauty, rich colors, simple and natural, romantic elements were captured beautifully by their photographer, Anna Roussos. Kate’s beautiful, custom gown was handmade by a designer in Malaysia.  The shape, the details and the design of the gown is one-of-a-kind made just for Kate.

The couple is getting married in July, and we wish them nothing but a lifetime of happiness…and tow trucks close by just in case they get stuck again. 🙂

{images via Anna Roussos Photography}

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