The Best Bloody Mary Recipe

bloody mary recipe_jsorelle

There’s something about a Bloody Mary. So, so good. It’s a tradition that we cheers with a Bloody Mary in hand at my grandma and grandpa’s Easter celebration. My incredibly cool aunt Marti is our volunteer bartender {it’s on her resume from her college days}, and she is good y’all! I asked her to share her delish Bloody Mary recipe with us because I was craving one and honestly hers in the best, and she kindly obliged. So, either start the FAC early with one of these this evening…or start the day off good with one tomorrow. She sent a bonus recipe for another cocktail too, so we’ll share soon.

bloody mary recipe_jsorelle

Bloody Mary Recipe
recipe by cool aunt Marti
servings: good for one Bloody Mary

You’ll Need
1 shot vodka (if you want it stronger, 2 is ok and good quality vodka Kettle One or Absolut is recommended)
5 dashes of worcestershire sauce
3-4 shakes pepper
3 shakes celery salt
1/4 cup pickle juice
Tabasco to taste {5 dashes tasted good}
Fill the glass with tomato juice {ends up being about 1 cup} and mix!

 Note: You can always add more tabasco or picked juice. And, aunt Marti recommends preparing it in a shake glass so you can shake and mix well. Garnish with salt around the rim and of course, add a pickle, pepperocini or celery.
bloody mary ingredients_jsorelle
bloody mary recipe_jsorelle
{images via j. sorelle}


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