Say I Love You With LaCroix This Valentine’s Day + Free Printable

say i love you with la croix this valentines day plus free printables

This is not sponsored. We just love to sip LaCroix, and wanted to spread sparkly water joy this Valentine’s Day! We have been on the hunt for small gifts to give teachers and loved ones this Valentine’s Day. We are last minute, of course, and that was not ideal for shipping and bargains, so we had to improvise. We thought about some of the simple things we personally love (and could buy with a quick trip to the store), and the bright LaCroix cans in our fridge illuminated like a glowing lightbulb. We made some colorful labels, and voila…a cute (and super affordable) DIY Valentine’s Day gift was born. LaCroix valentine’s!

We love you so much for following us, we are sharing the FREE PRINTABLE with you today. You can print them and give to anyone in your life. There’s one specifically for teachers (yay for all of our kids teachers who have been in the classrooms with our kids this year), and others, such as coworkers, neighbors, coaches, friends, the staff at the post office, doctor’s office, etc.

The printable files available are for LaCroix flavors, lemon, lime and watermelon:

  • Lime so glad you’re my teacher!
  • You’re simply the zest!
  • You’re on in a melon!

This gift is a small token of affection, but it’s the thought that counts. And, positive and loving thoughts go a long way! So, let’s get started. 

lemon watermelon and lime lacroix for valentines day

Materials needed:

It’s literally as easy as printing the labels on sticker paper or thick cards tock, cutting and then taping with washi tape to the LaCroix can.

If you want to nix the whole straw, and washi tape thing, that’s totally fine. We also found it incredibly easy to print the labels on Astrobrights Sticker Paper, and stick it straight to the can!

Happy Valentine’s Day!watermelon lacroix for valentines day with free printable


lemon lacroix for valentines day


lacroix favors for valentines day and free printables


lacroix for valentines day and free printables

lemon watermelon and lime lacroix for valentines day

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