DIY Lemonade Stand with Balloons


The fact that Jessica only has to plan one party per year {yes, all three of her kids were born in July} saves all of us, especially her husband, a lot of sanity. She tends to over think everything, and loses lots of zzz’s trying to fine tune every detail. One of our favorite creative details from this year’s party was the DIY lemonade stand.

Nothing symbolizes a party more than balloons. We haven’t seen a lemonade stand made with a balloon arch before, and we think it’s sure to boost this summer’s lemonade sales!

Thanks to our friends at Balloon Time, we created a balloon arch for our Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon-ade Stand, and it was the coolest lemonade stand on the block!


We made the arch for our DIY lemonade stand the morning of the party in about 45 minutes. We have never built a balloon arch before, nor had we inflated our own helium balloons. The Balloon Time helium tank was incredibly easy to use, and before long, our amateur arch status bumped up to experienced.

We will share more details and photos from the party soon. However, the DIY lemonade stand can be seen on Momtastic, where Jessica shared all the easy-to-follow details on how to set up the balloon stand using a Balloon Time helium tank, as well as the benefits of hosting a balloon stand with your kiddos. It’s a must read, y’all.



 j. sorelle received a gift card from Balloon Time, however we’d love Balloon Time, even if they didn’t send us any form of payment, and all opinions are ours, we promise. Thanks for supporting the companies that make j. sorelle possible.