DIY Crayon Flower Art

Crayon art is everywhere this year, so on a snowy Colorado day, while the kids and I were stuck inside, I brought out the box of crayons. The kids were busy making hearts and dinosaurs {for the kids, we used the standard method, inspired by my friend, Devon, who was also stuck inside with her kiddos for the day}, which included wax paper, shredded crayons, a towel and an iron.

When the kids went down for a nap, while I was cleaning up, an idea popped into my head. And when an idea pops into a DIY-addicts head, there’s bound to be another project…and a mess. The result, melted poppy crayon art.

Melted Poppies


Wax paper
green crayon
red and yellow crayon shreds
modge podge
battery powered candles
glass vases/hurricanes

 How to:

Shred the crayons you want to use for the flower color. I used 1 yellow crayon and 2 red crayons. I didn’t find a cheese grater to be effective, so I used a pencil sharpener, and it worked great.

Cut the wax paper to the size of the vases {wrap the wax paper around the vase and leave just an inch or two extra space to overlap – this will be the area where you add the modge podge}.

Turn the griddle on low.

NOTE: You must work with quick hands for the next step.

Have the green crayon {to use for the stems and grass} and the crayon shreds ready and accessible because you will need to work quickly.

Place the wax paper on the griddle and immediately draw the grass and the stems freehand.

Quickly, place the center of the flower on each stem with yellow shreds, then immediately grab the red crayon shreds and add around the center of the flower. Don’t pile on the shreds too thick – a small amount is enough.

Once all the shreds are melted, which will take about 5 seconds or so, gently slide the wax paper off the griddle {don’t pull the paper up, or the flower will melt into each other}

Immediately place tightly around the vase {if you wait too long, the crayons will harden and then will crack/break when you curve the paper around the vase}.

Add modge podge to the end of one side of the wax paper and seal.

Add the candles to the vase and you have a lovely, DIY spring centerpiece.

Happy Spring!

{images via Tutto Bella}