Cookie Monster Party

My kids 3rd and 1st birthdays are quickly approaching, so my mind is churning with ideas for themes, colors, etc. Since I was on the subject of toddler birthdays, I thought I would share my son’s last birthday party.

I was inspired to do a milk and cookies party for my son’s 2nd birthday party after coming across a blog posting by Anne from A. Party Style. My son, Jameson, LOVES cookies; after all, cookie was one of his first words. So, there seemed nothing more appropriate than throwing a cookies and milk party. I liked the brown and white color scheme, but wanted a touch of blue. My son also loves Cookie Monster from the kid-loved Sesame Street, so it seemed perfect…a cookies and milk party with special appearances from Cookie Monster! Once I had the theme, I hit the ground…and Michael’s…running! 

Many of the details are DIY, which I love.

I made the invitations (yes, I cut the cookies and added each chocolate chip with a sharpie in-hand, and the milk bottle). I printed the invites on my computer at home. You can find the paper to do this yourself at Fleur de Lis.

c is for cookie invitation

inside c is for cookie invitation

After “Jameson’s Art to Eating a Cookie” photo session, I had an idea to use an antique window pane I had in the garage for a photo display. I made a frame for all cookie photos using construction paper and double-sided tape.

antique window pane photo display

I couldn’t resist creating a balloon wreath after seeing this birthday wreath at HowDoesShe? It was simple to make and turned out adorable!

diy balloon wreath 

The DIY custom water labels posted on from RyCreationShop were just too cute to pass up.  

cookie monster custom water labels

Due to the weather, I had to create a fun game for the toddlers to play inside – what better than a cookie decorating party at a cookie party? I made sugar cookies, and bought icing, a variety of sprinkles, food color pens, etc. The kids had a blast…and had faces covered with chocolate and sprinkles to prove it.

I hung balloons from the arch in the middle of the room, which was a cost-effective way to add color to the party.


I placed a Pottery Barn lantern with photos of Jameson in the middle of the table. Stay tuned for a DIY tutorial blog post on how to make these lanterns yourself. They are cute, and also serve as a warm ambiance with the candles glowing throughout the evening.  

lantern centerpiece

The party wouldn’t be complete without the birthday boy wearing a cookie monster t-shirt from the ShockNRoll Etsy Shop.

cookie monster shirt

I’m obsessed with striped straws.  The kids loved drinking their milk from them too.

striped straws and shortbread on a stick

The menu of cookie options included homemade chocolate chip cookies, homemade oatmeal cookies, homemade shortbread cookies, oreo cookies, and ingredients to make s’mores by the fire-pit outside.

cookie bar

The kids’ goody bags, with a custom name tag made from cupcake toppers from RyCreationShop, and a custom label printed at home on my computer, contained chalk, bubbles, shortbread cookies and milk with a custom label, “Jameson’s sweet 2% milk.”  

goody bags

shortbread for goody bags

chalk for goody bags

The party was a success, and my little cookie monster loved it!

{images via tutto bella}

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