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Can you unscramble the words in the title to this post?

The correct answer is: thank you.

We owed some very special people a thank you, so the kids and I got creative with our words. With delicious, homemade shortbread, and Ghiradelli chocolate as our base, and just a hint {in this case the hint word was, gratitude}, we created a cookie scramble ‘thank you’.

cookie thank you_jsorelle

cookie thank you_jsorelle

cookie thank you_jsorelle

{images via j. sorelle}


you donut how much i love you

donut printables_jsorelle

I plan to make the first day of the school year special with lots of photos, love, hugs, kisses..and donuts. Who doesn’t have a good day that starts off with a donut and love? And, we have a free printable for you too from Fleur de Lis! You can find it here. And, not just for the first day of school – for anyone you love, on any day of the week. Yay! Donuts for everyone.

I hope the rare goodness of chocolate and sprinkles before 8 am brings a smile to my kids faces’ and eases my kindergartener’s ‘first day of school’ anxiety. Heck, I think I need 10 donuts to ease my anxiety for the first day. Bring on the chocolate glazed donut for mama!

You can either print the printable directly on a white bag from Target like I did. Or, print and cut, then attach to a bag with a clothes pin.


free donut printable_jsorelle

free donut printable_jsorelle




{images via j. sorelle…as you can see, we couldn’t even keep a donut untouched for the photos – chocolate fingers snatched some bites}




i can fly

freshly picked moccasins_jsorelle

One of my best friends just welcomed her first child into the world. As I held her, I was reminded about how tiny, miraculous and fragile they are. I was just there two years ago with my own son, and yet, it felt like forever ago. When my children were babies, I was obsessed with their fingers and toes. I still think about the way my babies’ tiny hands wrapped around my finger tightly in the hospital room post birth, and the way they still reach for my hand as they cross the street. I think about the sound of pitter-patter steps across the floor a hundred miles an hour everyday, all day, and it makes my heart smile. The joy, laughter and love those tiny hands and feet, hearts and souls have brought into my life is priceless.

I pray those once tiny feet continue to grow and lead as they walk along the path of life. I pray they always take the time to feel the sand in between their toes, step forward with bravery and courage to lead others and always stand up for what is right. Sometimes our kids have big shoes to fill, but with guidance and love, I believe they can do it.

freshly picked moccasins_jsorelle

I also know those tiny feet are too cute and precious not to ‘dress up’ with well-made, and beautiful shoes.

Enter: Freshly Picked.

Let me just preface this story with the fact that we are big fans of Shark Tank at our house, so the name and product that is Freshly Picked, was not new to us {Susan scored a deal with Daymond of Shark Tank – see it here, 32:30}. So when the beautifully made, and adorable to boot, camo moccasins arrived at my house, it was exciting…and also a full circle moment for me. You see, Susan, the owner of Freshly Picked, has been an inspiration to me. Being a mama to her two kids, she was frustrated with the lack of well-made kids shoes. So with a little leather, determination, hard work and $200 behind her, she set out to make gorgeous, comfortable shoes. Well, she made it…and she’s a major success!

I’m a stay-at-home mom, and my love for all things pretty, detailed, party-related and yummy was my reason for inspiring my sisters to start a blog with me. With zero experience, money and time against us…and teamwork, hard work and passion on our side, we have taken this little ‘passion project’ to places we never thought. And, part of me still feels like it’s just the beginning of great things to come for the j. sisters. For us, if Susan can do it, she gives us hope that we can do it too.

Who knew little moccasins would spark such a reaction, huh? Maybe they will spark a reaction in you too…and you will have a chance to see what your reaction will be with a chance to win a FREE pair – giveaway is below.

My children recently had the opportunity of a lifetime to ‘play’ and discover real helicopters. What better place to debut our new pair of Camo Freshly Picked moccasins than among the professionals who wear camo on a daily basis? True story – the awesome military men noticed the shoes, commented on them…and loved them!


freshly picked moccasins_jsorelle

freshly picked moccasins_jsorelle

freshly picked moccasins_jsorelle

freshly picked moccasins_jsorelle

And, at the end of our amazing day…I think he thought he could really fly {while wearing really comfortable shoes}. And, no one told him otherwise. :)

freshly picked moccasins_jsorelle

We’re big fans of Freshly Picked moccasins…and we know you will be too. You have the opportunity to win a pair of $60 Freshly Picked Moccasins too. Enter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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back to school

noteworthy year_jsorelle

It’s time for back to school. No more lazy mornings and pool days basking in the sun…until June rolls around next year. I know, so sad. Jessica’s oldest son starts Kindergarten this year, which is also a sad reality of ‘letting go’ just a little, adjusting to a new norm of waking up early and getting out the door in a semi-organized fashion everyday and the realization that no matter what we do, they still grow up.

To make the first day of school even more fun for the kiddos this year, we made easy, DIY favors for the kids and teachers…and it was a great activity for our kids to practice writing their names.

noteworthy year_jsorelle

All you need is college ruled paper, a printer, Elmer’s Glue and Crayola crayons.

Follow the photos above if you’re a visual person, and read the instructions below if you need it in words:
1. Use Microsoft Word to print your personal note on the top-right side of the paper. We typed, “It’s going to be a noteworthy year. your friend,”
2. Fold the paper in half with text visible on top.
3. Fold the paper in half again.
4. It should look like this.
5. Cut the top two layers on the top blue line.
6. It should look like this.
7. Cut a curved arch on the back two sheets of paper.
8. Use Elmer’s Glue to glue the edges together. You will have extra edges on the back flap and front flap, so add a little glue there too.
9. Add Crayola Crayons and sign name.

noteworthy year_jsorelle

{images via j. sorelle}

fire & ice

fire and ice party_jsorelle

The obsession this year for my kiddos was of course, Frozen, and How To Train Your Dragon. So, for this year’s birthday bash, Fire and Ice seemed quite appropriate. Family and friends joined us as we celebrated the lives of our three beautiful children, who are the joy of our lives…and growing up too fast. More DIY’s to come, but for today, the photos.

Frozen Ideas

  • Activity for the girls after swimming was making their own ice bracelets with ‘ice crystals’ or clear beads. I wish I could take credit for this idea. Paging Supermom was the inspiration behind this.
  • Decorations included a DIY fringe North Mountain backdrop, spray-painted white branches with sparkly silver snowflakes hanging and custom water bottle labels by Fleur de Lis.
  • The cake was also the vision of Paging Supermom – y’all are good! It was the hit of the day for my daughter and her friends, and it was super easy to do the morning of the party.
  • Favors for the girls were sequins crowns from Jo-Ann’s, Frozen puzzles from the dollar section at Target, a girly ring and a Frozen cd we made with 5 of the hit movie’s songs on it.

frozen party_jsorelle

elsa donut north mountain cake_jsorelle

frozen party_jsorelle

ice bracelets for frozen party_jsorelle

frozen party ideas_jsorelle

frozen party_jsorelle

frozen party favors_jsorelle

birthday girl_jsorelle

frozen birthday party invitation

you can buy the Frozen invite here.

How To Train Your Dragon Ideas

  • Activity after swimming was sword fighting with their new DIY shields and swords.
  • Decorations included a toothless face backdrop, dragons, Dragon hats courtesy of Michaels {Bry, the manager at the River Point Parkway location was amazing}, custom water bottle labels by Fleur de Lis, DIY Sharpie balloons and Rice Krispy treats with added wings {Krispy Wings}
  • Favors for the boys included DIY shields and swords {from Target}, Michaels Dragon hats we assembled and DIY Book of Dragons with a photo and information about each Dragon.

If your interested in either of the backdrops, email me because I don’t need them anymore. They are large pieces of wood covered in felt and tissue paper.

how to train your dragon party_jsorelle

toothless eyes from how to train your dragon

dragon swords_jsorelle

viking armour_jsorelle

how to train your dragon water bottle labels

dragon hats from michaels_jsorelle

krispy wings_how to train your dragon

how to train your dragon treats_jsorelle

how to train your dragon balloons_jsorelle

how to train your dragon balloons_jsorelle

book of dragons_how to train your dragon party_jsorelle

how to train your dragon party_book of dragons

how to train your dragons party_jsorelle

how to train your dragon birthday invitation

you can buy the dragon invite here.

fire and ice party_jsorelle

{images via j. sorelle}