DIY Winter Wreath With Bells

diy modern wreath with bells

If you didn’t pick up on from a recent post, I’m having a bell obsession. Yes, I want them everywhere. I like to hear them, I like to see them – on place cards, garlands, doors and wreaths. So, it’s no surprise I made a trio of DIY winter wreaths with bells to decorate an empty wall in my house. I actually made the wreaths last year, and upgraded them this year with the bells. After I made them, I saw them on sale at a boutique store for $65-$85 per wreath. I like to think I saved money with this craft (it’s what I’m telling myself for yet another Amazon order at my doorstep) since these wreaths cost less than $10 each, and I made a chic new addition to my holiday home decor.

diy winter wreath with bells

DIY Winter Christmas Wreath With Bells

You’ll Need:

Here’s How To Do It:

Step 1: Buy 3 different size metal loop from Michaels. I spray painted mine copper, but any color will work.

Step 2: Next, buy faux greenery, (such as pine or any other winter greenery) and floral wire. Cut and add pieces of the greenery on the wreath, and wrap the stems in wire around the metal hoop. It’s that easy!

As for the bell, wrap twine through the bell, and then around the hoop. Listen for the sound of bells all season. It will make you smile. I know just looking at the bell decor makes me smile. Jingle all the way this Christmas season!

diy modern wreath with bells

diy modern wreath with bells

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Easy Halloween Boo-Quet Centerpiece


Pumpkins, crows and skeletons, oh my! Now that it’s October, our fall arrangements were in need of some spooky, dark updates! With some Halloween props, our fall arrangements transitioned perfectly into Halloween.

More tips on Momtastic.

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DIY 3D Frames With The Most Adorable Floral Crowns


Spring has sprung, which makes us so so happy. Give us all the flower projects because the snow is on it’s way out, and green leaves and beautiful blooms are going to take center stage once again.

We’ve always wanted to wear floral crowns. I can’t believe we haven’t done it in real life yet. We really need to add that to our bucket list. But, now at least a photo of us with floral crowns lives on our walls, which is enough to make us smile.

All the how-to details are on Momtastic. Mom would love one for Mother’s Day, just sayin’…

What Unicorn Dreams Are Made Of: A Magical DIY Unicorn Letter


Our daughters dream of sliding down colorful rainbows, playing with fairies and sparkling pixie dust, and riding on unicorns. So, it’s no surprise they were head over heels in love with out latest craft for their bedrooms, a DIY unicorn letter. It’s unicorn magic in one simple letter.

Every little girls needs one…all the details on how to make them are at Momtastic. By the way, it’s a totally doable craft even for the most non-crafty person you know. Try it!

DIY unicorn letter magical room decor

DIY Lightbox With Twinkle Lights

DIY LIGHTBOX_for kids and tweens-twinkle-lights-room-decor

Most (if not all) of you probably put the Christmas decorations away until next November/December. The decor is fun and festive, but it was beginning to clutter my mind (and house) with chaos, so mine went down shortly after New Year’s day. But, I did keep all the twinkle lights out…because I love the twinkle year-round. I made a DIY lightbox for my daughter, and it’s been shining bright in her room ever since!

You don’t need a fancy machine or equipment for this project, which means it’s a must-do! You can make for your son or daughter, and use whatever quote inspires you (or your kids), because all of our kids have a bright light to share with the world. As parents, we just need to give them the guidance and freedom to follow their light, and the confidence to never let anyone or anything dim it. Sometimes our kids need a reminder of their light, and this DIY lightbox is a good one.

The full tutorial is at Momtastic, so be sure to check it out here.

Happy New Year. We hope it’s a bright year for each and every one of you! Keep shining bright!

DIY LIGHTBOX_for kids and tweens-twinkle-lights-room-decor

Note: Thanks to Oriental Trading, who sent the Vellum paper for a different Halloween project. So happy the vellum can be used so so many other projects, like this one.