evil “eye”dea

Kara Ackerman’s evil eye necklaces may be small in size … but boy do they stand out. The authentic diamonds encase a bright cobalt or teal eye image .  This “evil eye” supposedly wards off evil spirits. I just learned from my aunt (who comes from a Greek family) that this “evil eye” imagery originated in Greece ages ago.

These gorgeous gems come in sterling silver, yellow gold, and rose gold (so hot right now!). Be part of the hottest fashion trend, and ward off evil spirits … sign me up! What a great “eye”dea!

You can find these gorgeous necklaces and bracelets at Fleur de Lis (a paperie) boutique.

kara ackerman evil eye

evil eye bracelet

vanessa hudgens evil eye necklace

{images via Kara Ackerman, Gossip Hat}


  1. Secia says

    Gotta love those Greeks :)! I love the evil eye necklaces. They are so cute and intricate. In my opinion, they really work. Love you girls and I am so proud.

    • jessica says

      thanks girl. can’t wait for that greek wedding of yours…no rush though. 🙂 love you.

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