Real Housewives of Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas, Part 2


The erotic food was home-made and delicious.


For dessert, we offered Orgasmic Desserts – cupcakes with custom-made toppers {from Fleur de Lis, a paperie}, Jodi’s favorite candy Milk Duds, cinnamon bears and Red Vines. And, it wouldn’t be complete without a male body-part {the naughty body part) cake. 🙂

The stocked bar was a popular gathering spot for the ladies. Vodka cranberry, SkinnyGirl Margarita created by a housewife of New York City, Bethenny Frankel and red and white wine. And, water in between drinks was essential to help us with our hangover. Custom labels were designed by none other than Jenna, at Fleur de Lis, a paperie.

Every gal received fabulous party fare. Animal print bandannas stuffed inside personalized cups were essentials for the night ~ a cup to drink in one hand, and the bandanna on the lap to prevent stains on our festive outfits from the yummy food.

And, inside vintage cigar boxes lined with cheetah print, were animal print goody bags that contained hair spray for new jersey-style big hair, a condom, a recipe from real housewife of New Jersey, Therese Guidice cookbook, appropriately titled “the quickie,” and gum for minty fresh breath for
our evening out on the town.

You can never have enough animal print. Pillows from Jodi’s bed at home-made for a wild and cozy addition on the couch.

Between the drinks, decor, food, naughty and nice games and a video {made with love and A LOT of time from Jenna} a mini-dance party, a surprise limo and stop at an all male revue late in to the night and early morning ~ it was a party to remember.

venue: spire, downtown
cake: La Sensual
cupcakes: Gigi
invite, cupcake toppers, signs: Fleur de Lis, a paperie
event decor: Jessica, Jenna and bride’s mom Julie
set-up: thanks to Jessica, Savannah, Kristina, Annie, Lori, Susan, aunt Traci and Julie

{images via Tutto Bella}

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