spun in a web of…


Looking for a super-duper easy and cute Halloween DIY? Look no further. Spin your own spider web’s this Halloween…using a hot glue gun. I used my webs as an accessory for a festive table setting, but these can be hung or displayed in so many ways.

All You Need:
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Wax paper
Olive Oil {an oil spray may work too}

How To:
Cut the wax paper into a square, or the shape/size you want your spider web to be.
Spray, paint, or rub the olive oil onto the wax paper with your fingers. I found that the olive oil helped the glue not to stick when I pulled it from the paper.
Use your hot glue gun and design. I free-handed the webs {clearly}, but I suppose you could put a stencil/photo under the wax paper, and follow the lines.
Once your design is finished, gently pull the glue web from the wax paper. If it sticks in a few spots here and there, just gently pull the wax paper from the glue.

More images of my complete Halloween table setting, and other fun DIY projects to come this week.

{image via Tutto Bella}


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