DIY Heart Coasters with Gold Leaf


Do you mom’s crave quiet moments where you can sit and sip your coffee and tea? We know we do. Our coffee moments consist of…

  1. re-heating the cup about 20 times because we don’t have a minute long enough to sit and drink them, only to find the half-drank cup sitting in the microwave at the end of the day.
  2. driving in the car while sipping our to-go coffee mug listening to Let It Go on repeat.
  3. wiping coffee spills from our kitchen counter, our car’s cup holders and our laps.
  4. being so utterly exhausted we can hardly enjoy the amazing taste of the miraculous, ground coffee bean; instead we wait for the kick-start energy boost we so desperately need.

It sounds worse that it is. We wouldn’t trade our lives of motherhood for anything or anyone. Those quiet moments will come one day, but for now our cup of joe that we love oh so much will be cold, on-the-go, covered with tiny hand-prints and extra strong.

Whether you get those quiet moments to drink your cup of tea or coffee, or not, we have DIY coasters you can make for yourself, a Valentine’s Day gift for a friend, or a special DIY engagement gift.




Cut a heart shape from paper.

Set the two coasters together and place the heart on top. Trace the outside of the heart with a pencil.

Paint Martha Stewart Crafts gilding adhesive onto the coasters along the heart border and the inside of the heart.

After about 30 seconds to 1 minute, when the adhesive turns from white to clear, place the gold leaf sheets on top. Let it dry for about 2 hours, and then brush the excess gilding off.


Seal the coaster with the metal leaf sealer.

Glue cork board or felt pads onto the bottom of the coasters.

This setting – a lovely tray with some favorite books, a hot cup of tea, new DIY heart coasters and a pretty-in-pink bed {linens from Land of Nod} – is a quiet moment just waiting for us.

This Valentine’s Day make a special place for you to spend time with loved ones or yourself doing something you love. We hope you get a chance to sip something warm and set your cup on these cute, new coasters.





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