DIY Concrete Heart Magnets with Gold Leaf


Our first experience with concrete, thanks to The Home Depot, was a good one. We kept it simple, and made it all about the ambiance. It left an impression with us, because concrete continues to make the DIY supply list. We never thought we would mix concrete for a Valentine’s Day DIY simply for the idea of creating a heart of stone, but we never thought life would turn out as it did in 2015 either. Life continues to surprise us!

Make some DIY concrete heart magnets with gold gilding this Valentine’s day for friends who truly have hearts of gold.



Mix 1-2 cups concrete with water. I gradually added water until it was the right consistency, about ¼ cup. Mix thoroughly.

Spray the entire heart mold with cooking spray.

Use a spoon to fill the heart cavities with concrete. Make the top of the hearts as even and as smooth as you can.

Once all the hearts are filled, wipe the top of the mold {in between the hearts} with water and a paper towel. Let the hearts dry for 5-12 hours.

Push the hearts out of the molds – they should just ‘pop’ out.

Wipe the hearts with a dry paper towel to get the excess gravel off.

Apply E-6000 to small magnets and glue to the back of the hearts. Let sit for an hour.

Apply gilding adhesive with random strokes. Follow the directions on the packaging, but you will have to wait until the adhesive dries {when it turns from white to clear, its tacky and ready}.

Press gold leaf sheets onto the clear spots.

Let the gold dry for 2 hours, and then use a soft brush to brush off the excess gold.

Seal the hearts.
Hooray, you made concrete hearts of gold. Now you can hang a pretty printable from the magnets like this Love You one from Avery Street Design.



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