DIY Wood Box Frame With Colorful Tissue Paper


These wood boxes have been sitting in my garage for 6 months. I had an original plan for them, and honestly I can’t remember if it didn’t work or fell through. Whatever the reason, I’m really glad I had them, because these DIY wood frames with tissue paper were born. My daughter and I spent the afternoon crafting these frames for friends and family, and then we made extra frames to add to the gallery wall in her room. They are such a happy and colorful addition!

The wood box frames are from Oriental Trading. If you haven’t had a chance, enter in the drawing for $250 gift card to Oriental Trading. You can buy these wood box frames, and a whole lot more! Oh my goodness, the things we could buy and the parties we could decorate for $250! Enter here.



Step 1: Rip or cut tissue paper into lines/shapes. You can go for a “ripped” look, or a more precise “cut” look. For the confetti, buy a package of pre-cut confetti, or use a hole punch to make circles.


Step 2: Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the wood box, and add pieces of tissue paper. Gently press down on the paper so it is “stuck” on the wood box, and try to remove line/bubbles without ripping the paper.


Step 3: Once you have the design you want, add a layer of Mod Podge over the entire wood box and tissue paper. It will appear white, but that’s ok because it will dry clear. Once it’s dry, you can apply another layer of Mod Podge if you want. After you applied the Mod Podge, and it’s completely dry, flip the wood box over and use an X-acto knife to trim the excess tissue paper around the edges.





Step 4: Once the Mod Podge is completely dry, find the top/center of the box to add the bulldog clip. Make a small dot with a pencil, and then drill with a small drill bit. Align the bulldog clip with the drilled hole, and then use a screwdriver to tighten a screw.



Step 5: Clip a 4×4 photo in place. Now, you have a colorful, adorable frame. You can make 12 of them for $17.





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