Wake Up With Dalgona Coffee At Home

dalgona whipped coffee at home during COVID19

Dalgona whipped coffee, a coffee drink that originated in South Korea, has gone viral on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We miss visiting our favorite local coffee shops, and sipping frothy lattes. So much so, we decided to whip up our first cup of dalgona coffee. The verdict? It’s delicious, and worth all the hype!  Before stay-at-home orders, dalgona whipped coffee was foreign to us. Now, it’s a household staple.

The cup of creamy coffee goodness looks like an up-side down cappuccino with its rich white and caramel tones, tastes like a coffee milkshake, and has the dreamy peaks and fluffiness of heavy whipped cream on a piece of homemade pie! Get your forearm ready for a quick whisk workout! No fancy machine needed, and your grocery store is likely to have the three key ingredients in stock (if you don’t already have at home), including milk, instant coffee, sugar. The boiling water part can definitely be accomplished at home!

Follow this quick and easy tutorial we shared on Momtastic so you can learn how to wake up with dalgona whipped coffee at home, too!

dalgona whipped coffee at home during COVID19


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