The Cutest DIY Beanie Ornaments Ever

mini beanie ornament

We love to sport beanies all winter. They keep us warm in chilly Colorado, and they are a fantastic winter accessory. Although we wish knitting and crocheting was in our repertoire, it’s not. So, while we can’t knit ourselves a beanie, we did find another way to make DIY beanies to add to other areas of our lives. Good news, no skills required, and minimal supplies needed (hint: everyone stocked up on it in 2020).

We love our DIY mini beanies so much that we made two versions. First, we started with DIY beanie wine toppers. Next, we have a version for kids – a DIY mini beanie ornament. These are so adorable, beyond easy to make and a great craft to keep the kids busy indoors. We are obsessed.

We shared all the details at Momtastic here.

diy beanie ornament-great christmas craft for kids

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