Monster Madness: DIY Plush Monster Pillows from Walmart

DIY pillow monsters for kids - halloween DIY

Okay, I walked by these adorable plush pillows at Walmart for months. They were so cute, and such a good price (less than $5), I wanted to buy 20 to give to my kid’s friends for playdates and sleepovers, or teachers for their classroom reading nooks. I couldn’t buy them for everyone, unfortunately. Then they went away, so I got over it. Well, now they’re back! This time, I didn’t let the opportunity pass me by before I could do something with them.  I spent about 30 minutes transforming them into cuddly, DIY monster pillows! There is at least 4 amazing things about this DIY project.

  1. They make great colorful Halloween decor for couches and beds (especially if you have kids).
  2. Kids love to cuddle and play with them.
  3. No sewing machine is required. Just a needle, thread and embroidery floss. Yay!
  4. After Halloween, I can cut the embroidery floss, remove the clothespins hands, and they will go back to being fluffy, non-monster pillows again. Therefore, they can be used year-round.
  5. I made each one for less then $6, and that includes the cost of the actual pillow, which was $4.88. Score! Yes, I had the clothespins and felt, but those are cheap regardless.

Here’s how to make them.


  • Pillows, fluffy shag decorative pillow for $4.88 (in and out of stock online, but in bins throughout the store)
  • Felt, colors black, white, blue, and red
  • Scissors
  • Clothespins
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue


Step 1: Cut round circles for eyes, and hands from the felt. I traced bowls around the house for the eyes, and drew the hands freehand.

Step 2: Glue the hands to clothespins. To attach them to the monster, pinch a piece of the fabric on the side of the monster, and pinch the clothespin on it. Easy-peasy!

felt project for halloween - diy pillow monsters

felt project for halloween - diy pillow monsters

Step 3: Thread fine string or embroidery floss (I used embroidery floss because I had it on hand) through a needle. Tie a knot on the end, then begin on the backside of the eye, insert it through the white part of the eye, and then back in.  As you push the needle in and out of the felt, make sure it goes through part of the pillow so the eye stays in place. I don’t have sewing skills, but I literally weaved it in and out of the felt and pillow…and it was totally easy.

felt project for halloween - diy pillow monsters

Now, you have adorable shaggy DIY monster pillows! I’m going to name them Beasty and Blushie.

diy pillow monsters - halloween craft

diy pillow monsters - halloween felt craft

diy pillow monsters - halloween craft

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