a little place called durango

Ok so I have to start off with an apology. It is Fashion Friday and I am not posting about fashion today! (I promise to be back on track next week!) Shame shame!

I am in Durango this weekend with my husband, golden retriever, parents, sister and my niece and nephew for a wedding. I am in awe by the beauty of this place. I hope to post this special wedding with details in an upcoming post (congrats to my best childhood friend Stephanie & her fiancé Dave!).

For this of you who have never been to Colorado, or even better, lived here, this state holds beauty in landscape that cannot be explained … if you have not visited, you should someday in your lifetime. Have a happy weekend! We’ll be back on posting track Monday … 🙂






{images via godurango.com}


  1. Oh my God! I used to live there, I went to college at Fort Lewis, so did my younger sister. My brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece still live there. It is gorgeous, isn’t it?! Breathtaking no matter what time of year! Tell Durango I said hi! 😉

  2. I live in Colorado (Denver). I am originally from California and wouldn’t go back if you paid me, well okay, only to visit. Colorado is God’s country and I appreciate it’s beauty daily. Truly blessed to live here.

    • thanks for your comment kelli! I am from colorado, but I used to live in san diego for a couple years. california definitely has it’s beauty, but there is something special about colorado … the people, the landscape. 🙂 I won’t be leaving unless someone paid me either! haha!

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