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We’ve bought boxed Valentine’s in year’s past, but this year we got creative with our words. Some are healthy and others are not, but they are all adorable, and for Valentine’s Day, that’s all that really matters, right? We have cutesy kid-and-adult-friendly DIY Valentine’s for…all the hot mama’s, the stud{s} in your life, all the cutie’s and for those who make you giggle! You can buy them here for just $3, and they are an instant download.

DIY Adult Valentine’s

you are one hot mama
{fill the bag with hot tamales, fold over the custom tag and staple closed}

happy valentine’s day stud muffin
{fill the bag with a homemade poppy-seed muffin, fold over the custom tag and staple closed}

Poppy-seed Muffin Recipe
Makes 12 muffins
recipe adapted from our wonderful mom

Add the following ingredients to a large bowl and mix:
2 cups flour
1/8 cup poppy seeds {a used a little more, but less than 1/4 cup}
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter

Add 2 eggs{1 at a time} to the above ingredients and mix well

Add 1 cup plain yogurt and 2 tsp. almond extract and mix into the rest of the mixture.

Put the muffin mixture in baking cups and bake in the oven on 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes {It took me about 18 minutes}.

DIY Kid Valentine’s

i think you are quite a cutie
{fill a bag with clementines, fold the custom tag over the top of the bag and staple closed}

friend, you make me laffy
{fill the bag with laffy taffy for your silly friends, fold the custom tag over the bag and staple closed}

Last year’s fold-over labels {above} were so popular, we revamped them, and we did it with colorful stripes.

If your looking for the original cutie file {the orange bubble}, you can buy it here.
The original laffy taffy file {the blue bubble} is available too.

Tags are 2×4. Purchase them here. 


  1. Lindsay says

    Where did you find the tags or how can I print them?

    • jessica says

      hi lindsey! we are actually in the process of updating all the files, and you can get them for free. they should be posted tomorrow, and you’ll be able to open the file and then print. thanks for stopping by.

      • MelissaB says

        Hi there! Is it too late to print the tag for the cuties? I bought them and the bags but now can’t get the link to work. Thanks so much!

    • Tiffany Walsh says

      These are SO cute! I’m sad the tags can’t be printed any more… I just bought my fruit last night and was going to print these today. Is it too late? Could I buy them today?

  2. Lindsay says

    Thank you :). I love these cute ideas

    • jessica says

      hi lindsey, we tried to send the valentines day label file to this email and it bounced back. so, maybe try to enter via the rafflecopter link [we just added it to the bottom of the post], and hopefully that will work. thanks!

  3. Megan says

    these are such cute and simple ideas. Love it!

    • jessica says

      thanks megan. glad you like them. if you want the file for free, we just updated the post, and last year’s labels [revamped] are now available for free – just click on the rafflecopter link at the bottom of the post, and you can like fleur de lis on Facebook, and we will send you a copy of the labels. Happy [early] valentine’s day.

  4. Alison says

    I can’t find the link to get the printable version sent to me. I did find the FB page and liked it. I’m not sure if I will get it?

  5. Francesca says

    I would love these printables. I can’t find the link or fleur de lis on Facebook. Any suggestions?

  6. nicole painter says

    Just liked your page! thanks!!

  7. Lynne Pritchard says

    Just liked your page. Glanced through your pictures and love your work. I’m interested in the “Cutie” Valentine tags. In the future, when I order, can I just email you ideas and you all put them together?

    Thanks do much. My grandson is so excited about these. He plans to give give them to all the girls in his class!!

    • jessica says

      thanks so much lynne! we appreciate your kind words. yes, if you have ideas for labels, invitations, etc, let us know and we can create for you. we have a shop on etsy too – so we post items for sale there as well. it’s called fleurdelisapaperie on etsy. i think your grandson will be a favorite this valentine’s day with all the girls in his class…and his parents too with a healthy valentine’s day treat.

  8. Amanda says

    I just liked the Fleur de lis page on fb. Fingers crossed I get an email. I love, love, love the printables.

    • jessica says

      thanks amanda! so happy you love them. thanks for liking us on facebook. you should receive the email momentarily. happy valentine’s day.

  9. Thanks for offering this printable!! Just liked the fb page:-)

  10. Isabelle says

    Just liked the fb pages hopefully I will get the printables!

  11. stephanie says

    How can I download the Cutie and laffy tags? I love love these ideas!!

  12. Amanda says

    Just liked your Facebook page! I hope to get these free printables! They’re adorable!!

  13. CM2 says

    Really disappointed all these labels are 2 cute, but I am not on facebook! Is there any other way that I would be able to get them! Thank you for such a cute share!

    • jessica says

      yes…thanks for letting us know. a file is on its way to your email now! enjoy!

      • CM2 says

        Been grandson sitting for most of Yesterday and today and arrived home to read your email and note! Thank you for going above and beyond! CM2

  14. Jamie Amo says

    Just liked the page on facebook!! I love all the ideas!! Cant wait to use the “cutie” one for my Daughter’s class!! Thank you so much for making them free.

  15. Tami D says

    Super Cute!! Would love to get the adorable labels!!

  16. Jenette says

    Love the cuties and stud muffin! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  17. Michelle may says

    Love all the ideas!! So cute! I liked your FB page. Keeping my fingers crossed I get an email!! My daughter loved the cutie one!!

  18. Kathy Whyte says

    Cute labels just what I was looking for, for the office!!!

  19. laura merrill says

    Are the cutie labels still avaliable?

  20. Lesa Ward says

    Still wondering if I can get the free Valentine printables? I would love them emailed to me if at all possible? THANK YOU for being so talented AND sharing!!

  21. christina sharpe says

    Hi! Are the labels still available?

  22. Elizabeth says

    Love the labels and just liked your page! Can’t wait to make them!!

    • jessica says

      Hi Elizabeth. Great. thanks. Files are on their way to you via email.

  23. Pamela says

    Can we still get the labels? I love them!!! Liking on Facebook now!

  24. Morgan says

    The valentines day labels you created are awesome! Just liked your page on facebook and am now checking out your website. Thanks so much! Can’t wait to get the labels! Morgan

  25. Charlie says

    Are the labels still available? Just likes your page.

  26. cheveze says

    I just visited your website today because I fell in love with the cutie tag, as that is what I call the guy I’m dating hehe. I liked the page on facebook and realized that the contest is over, would it still be possible to get the tags? I really really want to give him the clementines with the cutie sign 🙂

  27. Iracel says

    ohhh…how cute! Is it too late to get this?

    • Chas says

      I also would like to know about getting the printable tags. I have liked you on Facebook. Thanks

  28. Aileen says

    Just liked you on Facebook is it too late to get the free printables. Would love the cutie one to give out to my kids classmates. Thanks!

  29. Kimberly says

    Is it too late to get the printable for the tags? I would love to give my hubby a muffin on Valentine’s Day with the stud muffin tag!

  30. Are the tags still available? They are so cute! I want to give the Cutie ones to my 1st and 2nd grade students!!

  31. stephanie says

    I received the pdf file for the Cutie valentines tags. I printed them, but then realized I couldn’t attach the cutie tags to the bags I have because of the spacing. Make sense? Did I do something wrong? There is a big white space at the bottom of the page.

  32. Coralie says

    I’d love the file too, if possible. They’re so cute!

  33. Brittany Boldt says

    Are these labels still available? I would love the cuties label! Thanks!

    • jessica says

      Yes. I tried to send to you Brittany, but I must have the wrong e-mail. Please send your correct email address to and we’ll try to get them to you today. thanks for stopping by.

  34. Jennifer says

    I’d love to get the labels, if it’s not too late. Wish I’d seen this sooner! I ‘liked’ on FB. 🙂

  35. Danielle says

    Hi…just liked you on Facebook and would love the stud muffin printable if possible. Thanks. 🙂 Danielle

  36. Love the laffy taffy valentine. I just made some for my son! Thanks for the idea.

  37. Emily says

    Could you please send me a page of just the “hot mamas” for my mom’s group? I know its last minute but I would really appreciate it! This mama needs some help with V-day! Thanks!

  38. Trina says

    I’m guessing the access to the ‘stud muffin’ Valentine’s Day free printables have expired? Please advise. Thanks, T

  39. This is fantastic!! Love the cutie one!! 🙂

  40. Shannon says

    I love… I think you are a cutie!!! So cute!!!

  41. Megan D says

    I just liked you on FB. I am anxiously awaiting the free printable 🙂

  42. stacy says

    I am trying to download the “Friend, you make me laffy” template, but I am unable to do so. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. Thanks!!

  43. Thank you for the inspiration! We featured your cuties as a Valentine’s Day snack recipe on our recent round up post ->

    We would love for you to check it out!

    • three j. sisters says

      Looks great! Thanks so much for sharing! Happy Valentine’s Day.


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