sour soiree, the anti-valentine party


All the single ladies need something to celebrate on Valentine’s Day too, right?
How about a little party we’d like to call: Sour Soiree, the Anti-Valentine Party

Here are some fun ideas to help you celebrate your fabulous, single self:

{1} Hang this ‘Love Stinks’ banner to decorate the bachelor{ette} pad.
{from Etsy}

{2} Serve Maple Sour cocktails … and keep them coming!
{find the complete recipe here}

{3} Customized water bottle labels, available at Fleur de Lis, for only $5.
Personalize them your own colors, fonts and wording to match your unique party. Be creative!

{4} Sour Patch cupcakes are a delicious {and appropriate} dessert for a single, sour night. YUM!
{find the complete recipe here}

{5} ‘Love Stinks’ lip balm is the perfect goodie bag gift!
{from Etsy}

{6} Black Heart Necklace. Super stylish and very Anti-Valentine.
{from Etsy}

{7} Girls’ Night Out Table Topics. Such a good time!
{sold at Fleur de Lis}

{8} Keep Calm and Plan Your Revenge t-shirt. Love this!
It’s the official dress code for a Sour Soiree!
{from Etsy}

{9} Bitter is the New Black: Confessions of a Condescending, Egomaniacal, Self-Centered Smart-Ass, or Why You Should Never Carry a Prada Bag to the Unemployment Office by Jen Lancaster will be the cherry on top of your sour night, trust me 🙂
… it’s absolutely hilarious.

Alice 105.9 is hosting a Bitter Ball with Slacker & Steve on Valentine’s Day in downtown Denver at Suite 200. It’s going to be a party for singles who could care less about Valentine’s Day and want to have some fun – another Sour Soiree to add to your list of parties!
Check out their Facebook page for details.

Remember, it’s okay to be a bit sour for Valentine’s Day … because it makes for a cute party!

{images via: Etsy, drinks: Pinterest, water bottles: Tutto Bella, cupcakes: Pinterest, Table Topics and Barnes & Noble}

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