Semi-Homemade Donut with Vanilla Creme Sauce

I love donuts…and my hubby dislikes donuts…but he LOVED the semi-homemade donuts I’m going to share with you today. That’s how delicious they are.

My cousin and life-long partner in crime, Danielle, introduced me to this donut recipe at her kids birthday party several weeks ago. So, I played around in my kitchen today and have some seriously yummy results for you. The donut’s are semi-homemade, so they are easy, and the dipping creme is to die for – it’s not too sweet, but the perfect accessory for your donut.

I made my donut and creme anglaise Easter-themed. Holy donuts…my Catholic mom is proud! But, think of the adorable inner-ring theme possibilities with these – bridal shower, baby shower, initials, a heart, star, etc.

recipe adapted from Danielle {owner and baker of Mimi’s Sweeties}

Pillsbury Biscuits
Powdered Sugar
Grapeseed Oil

{Danielle has a fryer, so she uses that; however I do not, so I fried on my stove}.
To make sure the inside of the biscuit is cooked, bake the biscuits in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10-12 minutes. Remove the donuts before they are golden brown on top.
While still hot, use a knife to cut the shape of the inner donut ring. For Easter, I made a cross {you can try to cut the shape of the inner donut ring prior to baking}.
In a medium saucepan, heat grape seed oil {or vegetable oil} to a temperature  between 360 and 275 degrees F.
Place donuts in the oil to fry to a golden brown.
Remove from the oil, place on a paper towel on top of a plate, then while still hot, roll the donut in powdered sugar.

recipe adapted from Martha Stewart

2 cups half and half
4 egg yolks
1/4 cup sugar
pinch of salt
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
Red food coloring

Prepare an ice-water bath {fill a bowl larger than a medium size bowl with ice and water}.
Beat yolks, sugar and salt with a mixer on high until the mixture thickens and turns a light yellow.
In a medium saucepan, add half and half and vanilla. Bring to a boil, then remove from heat.
Slowly add half of the hot half and half mixture to the bowl with eggs, sugar and salt, and mix on low.
Pour the yolk-milk mixture into the saucepan with the remaining half and half mixture and cook on low, stirring constantly for about 7 minutes until thick enough to coat your spoon or spatula.
Add 4 drops of food coloring to the saucepan for a light pink color Anglaise.
Pour in a bowl {original recipe strains mixture into a bowl, however I didn’t have and it turned out ok} and place in the ice-water bath, stirring occasionally until chilled.

{images via Tutto Bella}


  1. I have never made donuts because I thought they would be too difficult. I think I could actually make these and they look soooo good 🙂

    • jessica says

      i think you can definitely make these too! i have never attempted them before either because they seem too difficult, but these are easy and yummy! good luck. thanks for stopping by tutto bella.

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