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Have yourself a lovely Spring, Easter weekend…

1. Do yourself a favor, and listen to some John Legend this weekend. I have always liked John Legend. But after an intimate concert my hubby and I went to last week {yes, date night}, I’m obsessed! His voice was flawless, his humor was sincere and funny and his honesty in sharing his story made him even more personable and lovable. I would share our video we took of his famous “All of Me” but you would hear my hubby and I in the background singing…and that may ruin it for you. So, this weekend, listen to  ‘You and I’ {1st video below…song starts at 0:50}, ‘Good Morning,’ ‘Tonight {Best You Ever Had}’, ‘All of Me’ and one of my faves, ‘Stay with You.’

2. Jenna daydreams of devouring this daily, and now that she’s no longer preggo, she can! Cheers to Moscato Jello Parfaits.

3. This birthday cake you can send in the mail is better than a chocolate cake!!

4. Make this French Toast for brunch this weekend…SO incredibly delicious.

5. This video and story couldn’t be any sweeter, more beautiful, heartbreaking or inspiring.

 {video via YouTube}

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