DIY Piano Table Runner and Wall Decor

diy piano keys

Jenna loves her music, and so does her family. For her son’s first birthday, she and her hubby hosted a music themed party. And, there was no better runner than a DIY piano in the middle of the table. Jenna re-purposed the keys for decor in Dante’s room. He dreams with notes of the piano keys running through his beautiful mind.

You can too.

You’ll Need:
white paint
black paint
45-50 paint stir sticks from Home Depot {the kind you stir paint with…that are FREE}
wood glue

How To:
Cut or saw the curved ends off of each stick.
Cut or saw 10 of the sticks in half for the ‘black keys’.
Paint the keys white and black. Refer to a real piano keyboard for the correct order.
Glue the sticks together to create your piano.

The party was so long ago, and our photographs are not good but you get the idea.
diy piano keyboard

diy piano keyboard_jsorelle

diy piano_jsorelle

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