DIY Eyeball Gumball Necklace


We can’t think of any other time a DIY eyeball gumball necklace is more appropriate than Halloween. It’s so easy, cute and slightly spooky – so it’s a must-make DIY edible necklace this Halloween. After the festivities are over {or during all the BOO-rific fun}, you can chew and blow all the bubbles you want with the DIY eyeball gumballs because they are made with edible pens! We’ve officially named the necklace, I’ve Got My Eye on You!



You’ll Need:

  • Gumballs {larger size for the necklace and smaller size is fine for a bowl full of eyes or party bag favors}
  • Edible pens {like Americolor}
  • Ribbon


  • It’s as easy as drawing circles, coloring them in and drawing crooked lines. You got this!




  • For the necklace part, drill the gumball so there is a small hole on each side. Draw your eyeball. Use a long toothpick to insert ribbon through the gumball. Pull the ribbon through to the spot you want to gumball to be on the necklace, tie a knot on each side of the gumball, then add another gumball.


Happy {early} Halloween!

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