DIY Winter Wreath With Bells

diy modern wreath with bells

If you didn’t pick up on from a recent post, I’m having a bell obsession. Yes, I want them everywhere. I like to hear them, I like to see them – on place cards, garlands, doors and wreaths. So, it’s no surprise I made a trio of DIY winter wreaths with bells to decorate an empty wall in my house. I actually made the wreaths last year, and upgraded them this year with the bells. After I made them, I saw them on sale at a boutique store for $65-$85 per wreath. I like to think I saved money with this craft (it’s what I’m telling myself for yet another Amazon order at my doorstep) since these wreaths cost less than $10 each, and I made a chic new addition to my holiday home decor.

diy winter wreath with bells

DIY Winter Christmas Wreath With Bells

You’ll Need:

Here’s How To Do It:

Step 1: Buy 3 different size metal loop from Michaels. I spray painted mine copper, but any color will work.

Step 2: Next, buy faux greenery, (such as pine or any other winter greenery) and floral wire. Cut and add pieces of the greenery on the wreath, and wrap the stems in wire around the metal hoop. It’s that easy!

As for the bell, wrap twine through the bell, and then around the hoop. Listen for the sound of bells all season. It will make you smile. I know just looking at the bell decor makes me smile. Jingle all the way this Christmas season!

diy modern wreath with bells

diy modern wreath with bells

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