lookin’ forward to the hangover

This week, the ladies are preparing outfits, decor ideas and cocktails for my Bachelorette party while the boys are preparing their livers for Drew’s Bachelor party in Vegas.

I can only imagine how crazy it’s going to get in Vegas… You would think that the fact that my dad is going might make me feel better… but at my brother-in-law’s Bachelor party, my dad “put the boys to bed” as he puts it. While the 25-year-olds were asleep, my dad was still in party mode and drinking at 7am, and proceeded to work out at 8am. I think it’s safe to say that they’re going to have one hell of a time!

Drew recalls one of his friends saying, “I just booked my plane ticket to Vegas. Now let’s make The Hangover look like a Disney movie.”

{sigh} … ohh great.

And so, it is only fitting that I share these party photos from Hostess for the Mostess, inspired from The Hangover. Absolutely hilarious and perfect for a Vegas-themed party.

Necessities from the groom for the trip:

Under Armor duffle bags from Drew

Royal Flush from Fleur de Lis {a necessity for the hotel bathroom for all the guys!}

Oh My Goodness! Down & Dirty Hand Sanitizer from Fleur de Lis {need I say why?}

Chaser {the over-the-counter hangover found at local drugstores}

Hasta la vista, boys! Enjoy Vegas!

As for my Bachelorette party tomorrow night, I will give you a clue: inspiration from a popular TV show, animal print & bling!

{Pictures to be posted soon!}

{images via Tutto Bella, Hostess with the Mostess & Chaser}