Day 1: DIY Christmas Art

diy christmas art_jsorelle

On Friday, we announced a BIG DEAL from {promo code SORELLE} happening through Dec. 8. So, today we’re going to show you a little of what a Silhouette Portrait can do.

Today is also the start of j. sorelle’s 12 Days of Christmas. For 12 days, we have fun, creative and festive Christmas DIY projects, holiday party necessities and gift ideas for you!

Without further adieu…

On the first day of Christmas, j. sorelle gave to you…DIY Christmas art.

diy christmas art_jsorelle

We’re dreamy for deer this time of year, and we love the nostalgic, fuzzy feelings we feel when we see a photo of a freshly cut Christmas tree strapped to the top of a red car. Now, we can display our favorite holiday images in our homes with our own Christmas Art. We call our art Deer Date, Merry Merry and Oh Joy

You’ll Need:

How To:
Step 1: Design and cut the art using your Silhouette Studio software and Portrait or CAMEO cutting machine. They have so many beautiful and fun artwork options you can purchase for .99 each. If you don’t have a Silhouette and want one for Christmas, check this out. And, if you don’t have access to a Silhouette, you can trace and use cut outs and pre-cut art.

Step 2: Use a paintbrush to paint Modge Podge on the back of each cut out and place on your blank canvas.

DIY christmas wall art

diy christmas art

Step 3: Once all art is in place, find a place with really good ventilation and spray sealant on your art.

Step 4: Display.

deer date

oh joy

DIY christmas art_jsorelle

christmas wall art


{images via j. sorelle}