Taylor Swift, The Eras Tour Movie Party Inspo

Taylor Swift came to town, and then left town…and our kids didn’t go to the concert. We tried to buy tickets, but we were waitlisted, and tears were shed by our teenage girls. I have no doubt our girls will continue to dream big, and hope that one day she will come to town again. Until then, listening to T. Swift on our home speakers is good enough…and also enough to drive our boys crazy. 🙂

Our girls are thrilled about experiencing a glimpse of concert magic with the movie coming to theaters Oct. 2023. We are going to celebrate with a Swiftie party – bracelets, dinner, dancing and singing to all the era music, followed by a drive to the theater for The Era Movie. We will be sure to share photos. Here’s some inspo for our T. Swift party, so you can use some of it to create your own.

Swiftie Party Decor

Swiftie Goody Bags

  • Colorful, flat clay beads. A main party activity is the bracelet making, but if your in a rush, or don’t plan to make beads, you can always buy a pre-made pack of bracelets and add to the bag.
  • Resealable bag – we made ours, and plan on posting to Etsy ASAP. Please email us at hello@jsorelle.com if you want to order some in the meantime. We have the following bags, meet me at midnight, in my Taylor era, I can still make the whole place shimmer, and fearless (photos below)
  • Heart-shaped sunglasses
  • Vintage postcards – these can also be used for decor on the wall or table
  • Blue under eye mask
  • Pink, under eye mask
  • Tickets – we made our own (see below). If you want the file, grab here.

These ideas don’t just work for a movie premier, but also for any Taylor Swift-themed party or sleepover. You will be sure to make the whole party shimmer!