brown paper flowers for easter

What did I do with a couple free hours {nap time}, brown paper bags, easter eggs and inspiration from The Nate Berkus Show?

Brown paper flowers for easter, of course.

This might be the cheapest project I’ve ever done – the eggs were .50 cents, and I already had brown paper bags and hot glue. My husband would say the word ‘cheap’ is not in my vocabulary, but after this project I beg to differ.

The creator of this simple and adorable project {that can be used for holidays, or even decor for birthday parties} is Destiny from A Place For Us. She created them for her mantle, and has a wonderful tutorial on how to make the flowers.

I followed her tutorial, then made the flowers Easter-friendly by gluing one side of a plastic easter egg to the center of the flower.

Step 1:
Draw and cut out a leaf template or find one online. I used three different sized leaf templates, small, medium and large.

Step 2:
Trace your leaf template onto brown paper bags. I used about 20 bags for this project.

Step 3:
Fold each leaf length-wise so it will help create a multi-dimensional effect when displayed.

Step 4:
Start with the largest size leaf, and begin to glue {I used a hot glue gun} each leaf on top of one another in the same central point. Continue to glue leaves on your flower, layering the large leaves, then the medium-sized leaves, finishing with the small leaves.

Step 5:
Cut one side of a plastic egg and glue to the middle of the flower.

Step 6:
Add tape to the back and find the perfect spot to display in your home.

{images via Tutto Bella}