window display

Look at these gorgeous hanging antique window panes at weddings…omg! 

I am a Mrs. now, so I can just daydream about wedding decor. But, I can incorporate an antique window pane in my home. I have one I bought years ago at an antique market that we just hung on our wall. It has great potential and I’m so excited about it. The dilemma is what exactly I should do with it. Here are the projects I’m contemplating.

One large photo behind the window pane. I just love this idea…

Individual pictures in window pane. I really like the look of all black and white photos.

Wallpaper window pane

Leave it as is and just hang on the wall.

What’s your vote? Leave a comment for me, or send me a new idea.
a. One large photo in the window pane
b. Individual photos in the window pane
c. Decorative wallpaper in the window pane 
d. Leave the antique window pane as is 

If you’re really crafty {I think these projects are above my DIY ability level right now}, these two window pane pieces are beautiful and unique…a coffee table and window pane wall divider. 

{images via Milk and Honey Design, My Painted Porch, Pinterest, and Style Me Pretty}


  1. i have an antique window pane as is (no photos) in my bedroom above my bed – love it’s simplicity, but now i am debating putting a large photo behind it 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for including our black and white photos window pane project! This was a collection of photos from a few of our travels from New Brunswick, Canada all the way to Tunisia, North Africa which we weren’t sure what to do with, but wanted to give them a special space of their own in our home where we could enjoy them, daily. The photos were printed on our home computer using cardstock and held in place with a stiff corrugated cardboard cut to size for each individual photo. It took no time to put together…the hardest part was in deciding which ten to choose from our thousands of pics. We have more old window panes in our shed with no doubt, more fun to come! Thanks again!

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