throne of awesome

This weekend, we challenge you to Search for Your Awesome, like The Alison Show and Bing inspired us to do in Salt Lake City. I sat in the throne of awesome {such a genius idea, Alison} in UT, and I am considering having a chair like that in my home – it can be my ‘break’ from the chaos of the day where I can just ‘be’, or it can be the place where all my creativity happens…or it can be my chair when I’m having ‘one of those bad days where nothing is going right and everyone is doing everything better than me’ where I can sit remind myself that ‘I’m AWESOME just the way I am!’
throne of awesome

If you need a little help searching for your awesome, or want to know how to start, check out Alison’s series here.

Watch the awesome party Bing and The Alison Show threw below – I even made the video – look for me at 0:55 adding volume to my head, then watch the rest of the video. Great party styling, fashion and overall awesomeness that will inspire you.

So, tell us – where and how are you going to celebrate your awesome this weekend. E-mail us, comment or find us on instagram @jsorelle3.

Photo: via The Alison Show and photographer of the event, Jessica Peterson Photo. See all of Alison’s recap here.
Video: videographer Modern Atelier, @modern_atelier


  1. aw thanks ladies!

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