Fall Party Ideas and Favors

fall harvest_astrobrightspapers

For us, fall is a time for football, family, crisp air, colorful leaves, scarecrows and fall harvest food such as apples, pumpkins and squash.

And, just like Anne of Green Gables, we, too, are so glad we live in a world where there are Octobers. So, we decided to celebrate all the things that make fall special…and we did it with Astrobrights Papers.

Honestly, {even with Jenna being obsessed with paper} we often overlook paper when it comes to party decor. We think about it for invitations and labels, but we forget that color paper can add creativity to every aspect of a party, from invitation to decor and table settings to favors. After our Fall Harvest party, we’ve come to the conclusion that…
1. We love Astrobrights Papers.
2. Color paper is a quick and cost-efficient way to customize and add color to any celebration.
3. Everyone needs to #ColorizeYourParty.

Here’s how you can #ColorizeYourParty for fall.

Fall #ColorizeYourParty Activity

  • Keep kids busy with a Dress Up the Scarecrows Activity. Find a scarecrow and clothing template like this, print on colorful Astrobrights Papers, then cut. The kids will feel so proud when their ‘art’ is on display too, so make sure to glue the scarecrows to a wooden popsicle stick, and stick them in a bale of hay.

DIY scarecrow dress up_astrobrights papers

DIY scarecrow dress up_astrobrights papers

scarecrow dress up_astrobrights papers

Fall #ColorizeYourParty Favors

  • Find a cute way to display the favors. We found that the best way to display our favors was a rotating card holder, of course colorized with cut-out images of harvest foods and labeled with cut-out paper letters.
  • Spread the love, and harvest food with seeds inside DIY pumpkin, apple and squash seed packets. Here’s a free seed packet template and how-to instructions are below.
  • Share the beauty of fall by printing seasonal photos of fall on white Astrobrights Papers, and add your favorite quote  to make it a piece of art.
  • Share your most delicious fall recipes with DIY pumpkin, apple and squash recipe cards designed by one of our own, Jenna. Print the fall recipe cards with this free template.

DIY seed packets_Astrobrights Papers

DIY seed packets_Astrobrights Papers

DIY seed packets_astrobrights papers

DIY seed packets_astrobrights papers

DIY recipe cards_astrobrights papers


Fall #ColorizeYourParty Decor

  • Create a colorful background. Since we loved the quote “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers” so much, we wanted it to be a main focus. We used our Silhouette electronic cutting tool to cut words from the quote out of yellow Astrobrights Papers, then taped an orange piece of paper behind it for a pop of color in the background.
  • A fall party wouldn’t be complete with colorful leaves, so make sure to layer and scatter paper leaves everywhere.
  • For a full harvest effect, create a Fall Market sign. Cut out paper pumpkins, squash, apples, letters and numbers and tape them to a vintage window pane so guests feel like they enjoying a stroll through a lovely fall market.
  • Incorporate seasonal crops such as apples, pumpkins, squash, sunflowers, lanterns and bales of hay.

diy fall market sign_astrobrights papers

fall harvest party_astrobrights papers

fall harvest party_astrobrights papers

Tell us, how will you Colorize Your Party? For inspiration, check out Astrobrights Papers on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

Colorize your party_astrobrights papers{images via j. sorelle}

j. sorelle received products and/or payment for this post, however we love Astrobrights Papers even if they didn’t send us product, and all opinions are ours, we promise. View all of Astrobrights vibrant colors here

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