DIY No-Sew Maleficent Costume

DIY maleficent costume

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We love Maleficent around here, especially our girls. We still haven’t seen Maleficent, Mistress of Evil, and can’t wait to watch it. When Jessica’s daughter said she wanted a homemade Maleficent costume, we were a little hesitant because it looks intimidating, but after we shopped around and got creative without a sewing machine, and with plenty of duck tape, and a trip to Target and the vet’s office, it all worked out magnificently.

We know Halloween is less than one week away, but this can easily be done within one day, maybe two for the paint to dry! You can do it!! If not this year, put it in the files for next year. We may have the horns you can borrow. wink wink

You’ll Need:


The best part about the top, skirt and shoes is that you can wear all year-long! I hate buying costumes that are worn once, and never re-worn. Now that my kids are older, they don’t dress up like they use to, so I like buying everyday clothes that can be transformed into a costume. Most of her outfit is from the Girls Cat and Jack line from Target.

diy maleficent costume

Maleficent Horns
Cut 5 to 6 inch strips of duct tape. Begin to wrap around the small Maleficent horns. You will just wrap and wrap until you build a larger size. Maintain the shape of the original horns, but this step will make them thicker. You don’t want them too big, or it will be top heavy. But, they need to be somewhat large for effect. Once the horns are set, add hot glue to the bottom of them, and glue to the headband. Now, begin to wrap duct tape around the base of the horns and the headband. Wrap, wrap and wrap some more, until the horns and sturdy on the headband and it looks like one unit. When it’s done, put on the swim cap, and then add the headband/horns.

diy maleficent horns

Maleficent Staff
This was a really fun prop to make. We got messy, and it kept the kids entertained. We found a stick outside, but it was just too small, and didn’t have much texture. So, we texturized it with newspaper and paper mache. We cut small strips of newspaper, and once we had our “glue” or flour and water mixture (1 part flour, 1 part water), we dipped the strips in the mixture, slid off the excess with our fingers, and wrapped it around the stick. We made some parts bumpy by twisting the newspaper, and other parts smooth by wrapping it tight. At the top, we tried to create a little “nest” effect for the green, glowing magic stone. You can do whatever you want with the paper mache, which is the beauty of it. We let it dry for two days, then spray painted it black.

As for the green “stone,” roll Model Magic into a stone shape (basically a tall ball with a flat bottom). Then, paint it green, and once that paint is dry, paint a layer of Glitterific Plaid Paint. To glue it on, I used hot glue on some parts, but wasn’t sure if it would hold, so used Gorilla Glue as well.

diy maleficent costume

diy maleficent horns

Maleficent Collar
This was a tricky one, until Jodi mentioned a dog collar. Luckily I have an amazing friend (that’s you, Atlanta), and she dropped off dog collars for me to get creative with. We tried cutting it exactly like Maleficent, but it didn’t maintain it’s dramatic shape as much, so we kept it as is. We lined it with pieces of black duct tape (for color, and to soften it against the skin), and sparkly duct tape. It works great!!

Other props
Find a crow at a local store. They are everywhere this time of year. We found the wings at Michaels. But, we’ve seen them at Amazon, Spirit Halloween and Walmart.

Happy Halloween. Never let your wings get stolen from you. 🙂

diy maleficent horns

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