adorable diy cake stands

When I first saw these DIY cake stands, I just knew I had to make them. There was a warning from the creative inventor, Jennie from A Well Crafted Party, that whoever tries to make one will be addicted and just have to make more. She was right. I admit, I’m addicted. Now you can be too. Thanks, Jennie.

DIY Cake Stand Tutorial, featured at Bump Smitten.

1 plate— 4-inch plates make great cupcake stands
1 candle stick, goblet or sundae glass
1 heavy book
1 can of spray paint
1 can of acrylic sealant {I skipped this step due to time}

1. Spray paint your candle stick, goblet or sundae cup the color you wish the base of your cake stand to be.
2. Find your plate—any plate will work {square or round} but I recommend using one that has the color or image you would like as this will not be painted to keep the cake stand food friendly.
3. Affix the plate to a candle stick, goblet or sundae cup {the larger the base, the more sturdy the cake stand} using a glue made for ceramics and glass.
4. Place a heavy book on top of the stand and let the epoxy set according to directions. After the epoxy has set you should be able to pick up the stand with no movement from the candlestick or plate.
5. Before use, wash the top of the plate with dish soap and water. The stand is not dishwasher safe but is food-friendly as long as food is not touching the painted surfaces.

Read more detailed instructions from the original tutorial on Bump Smitten here.

P.S. I’ve used these stands for cupcakes, food displays and votives. Let your creativity fly.

{images via Bump Smitten}

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